Holy crap! I’m going to New Zealand!

paekakariki-hill Air New Zealand


Flight 0005

September 5th, 2009

I’m leaving in four days, and I will be in Auckland in six. I can’t believe this is really happening!

I was cutting it pretty close, but I had to make sure I would get my passport back in time before purchasing the ticket. Luckily, the price didn’t budge much.

No more Someday Syndrome!

I’m so excited. I haven’t traveled to a new place in years, and I definitely haven’t traveled as a backpacker before. I have no idea what I’ll do in Auckland, other than meeting up with a friend who has been living there for a year.

I also don’t know what other places I will visit in New Zealand, except for Wellington. I need to be there for a bit so I can get my visa to visit India. So I need to make my way down to Wellington, with enough time to get my visa (processing time is 10 working days) and return to Auckland for my flight out of New Zealand.

Next steps

I’m meeting another traveling friend in Bangkok on October 19th, but I still need to decide if I’m going straight to Thailand, or if I’m making a stop in Malaysia first. Very tempting! Especially since the flight from Auckland to Bangkok would make a stop in Kuala Lumpur anyway.

So why not? It really depends on whether or not we’ll visit Malaysia with my friend after Thailand. I’m waiting on him to tell me what his plans are. But, if I don’t hear from him by tomorrow, I think I will go ahead and spend 10 days in Malaysia before heading to Bangkok.

Finally unstuck!

I was starting to worry for a while there. I still have a lingering attachment to my non-friend, but I’m no longer letting fears of “not-good-enoughness” stop me from moving along.

What? You thought I didn’t get those? It happens to all of us.

The issue is not whether or not you get them, but how you deal with them. No, it’s not a matter of feeling the fear and barreling past it anyway.

Your fear is there to help you.

I know it doesn’t quite feel that way, but trust me on this. Your fear is trying to protect you.

But I have to run to meet my friend for our last night in Berkeley, so I’ll continue this in my next post.

My apologies!


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