September 6? Not this year!

Time is such a funny thing!

I arrived in Auckland, New Zealand, on September 7th, 2009 at 5:25 am. One full hour ahead of schedule, which was good because my flight was only 12 hours instead of 13.

But it struck me as weird/funny that I completely skipped on September 6th this year. My flight left on September 5th and I crossed the international date line, so I lost one full day. Gone!

Of course, I didn’t really lose any time. My life keeps moving forward as if nothing had happened. I only lost a day, which is entirely a construct of human imagination.


I already figured out the hostel situation and made a few new friends. Plus, I’m meeting up with Andi, a friend from New York who has been living in Auckland for the past year.

Having a great time!

Aucland skyline

Auckland skyline


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