After five days in Auckland, I was ready for something else.

I was going to rent a campervan and drive around with my new friend, Evan, but the vans we wanted weren’t available so we ended up on the Stray bus from Auckland to Wellington. It’s a hop-on/hop-off bus that’s supposed to take us to the “off the beaten track” places.

We got on the bus this morning at 8 am. The driver/guide seems a bit dry, and not very enthusiastic. In fact, he seems downright tired. It wasn’t very long before I started regretting the choosing the bus.

I also started feeling sick for some reason. I don’t usually get motion sickness, but I felt like throwing up the whole way. (Perhaps it was an allergic reaction to the bus?)

Once we got to our first destination, Evan, Mike and I started the walk from Hahei to Cathedral Cove. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish because I felt so sick. Evan offered me some water, and after taking a sip I mmediately turned around to throw up down the side of the hill.

Fun times!

To make things worse, I already feel ripped off. Not only can I not use the Bed Hopper pass at Hahei, but the accommodation is NZ $25 for the night, even though it’s a camping place. Plus, the Kiwi BBQ that the Stray Orientation guide had said was NZ $4, ended up being NZ $10. I don’t know if this was the driver’s way of making a few extra bucks, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

And as if it wasn’t enough, I didn’t even get to eat the BBQ because I was feeling so sick that I couldn’t even smell food!

I was in my room from 5 pm until I woke up at 7 am.

The good news is that I felt much better after sleeping for 12 hours.


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