A place where time doesn’t exist

Even though I have to get to Wellington to get my visa to enter India, I’ve decided to stay in Raglan for a few nights. I have some time to spare, and this place is magical.

Once the bus left with all the people, it got even better.

There’s only a few of us staying at the Karioi Lodge: asides from me, there’s just Jack, Dan, Sander, and Jeremy (another Strayer who decided to hang out in Raglan for a few days). We were joined by Yvonne the first night after the bus left.

Over the following days, we developed into a nice, chill group. Sometimes we hung out together, and sometimes we did stuff on our own.

Surfing the net, playing pool, watching a movie, enjoying the sauna, surfing, reading a book in the hammock, heading into town for a coffee, hiking up Mt. Karioi to check out the amazing view…

 A place where time doesn't exist

A place where time doesn't exist

Some of the best moments were when we were preparing dinner. Each person making their own, but it somehow felt very communal. Jack played music from his never-ending playlist of awesome tunes (seriously, every song was new and amazing!), and we were all prepping, stirring, sautéing, or whatever while chatting about life.

Life is so easy in Raglan. Not a care in the world.

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