Moved, but still in the same place

After these few idyllic days in Raglan, I’m really dreading the prospect of rejoining the Stray bus tomorrow. So much so, that I don’t even want to stay in the lodge when the bus is here. I’ve decided to go stay at the Raglan Backpackers tonight, so that I can avoid the large Stray group at least for one more night.

While the Karioi Lodge is in Whale Bay (a 10-minute ride away from downtown Raglan), Raglan Backpackers is right in the middle of town and close to the 3-block main street.

Both hostels are amazing in their own right. They are both very chill, have great common areas, and the people who are attracted to come to Raglan are always very cool, no matter where they decide to stay. The only difference is that one is more removed from the town, and feels like a little world on its own, while the other is a bit closer to the action.

They are equally great. Where you stay depends on what you want out of your experience.

Sharing good times and dough

Sharing good times and dough

In any case, tonight was Pizza Night at the Raglan Backpackers. The hostel hosts made the dough from all the leftover flour that guests leave, and the rest of us just needed to get a bit of dough, add our own toppings and, voila! We have our very own pizza!

It was great to see everyone involved in making their own version, and it was a way to connect with others.

A few of the guys who worked at the hostel were leaving the next day to go skydive in Taupo, so we all stayed up until late chatting in the lounge. It was a larger group than at the lodge, but still very relaxed.


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