Nutrition: Dandelion Greens and Yam Stew

I remember now! This whole site was supposed to be about two types of food!

So far, I’ve written about the food that feeds your soul. But totally forgot to mention anything about the food that feeds your body!

That was probably because I haven’t had a kitchen for 7 months, and my attention was on all the insanity and exhilaration of traveling.

But now that I am back, and I am cooking again (yay, cooking!), I can share with you my newest recipe: dandelion greens and yam stew.

Dandelion greens are the bitter leafy green parts of the common weed with the same name.  They are super high in vitamin A and K, have lots of iron, fiber, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosporous, vitamins C, B1, B2 and B6, and trace minerals such as copper, boron and zinc. Like kale and other dark leafy vegetables, dandelion greens are also a great source of plant-based protein.

Leaves from this plant are excellent detoxifiers (especially for the liver, gallbladder and kidneys), stabilize blood sugar, improve digestion, promote healthy gut bacteria, decrease bloating (especially when associated with PMS), and have a whole lot of other benefits. In fact, the concentration of nutrients in this one plant is what makes it such an all-around potent “drug.”

You can put some dandelion greens into your smoothies, juice them, add them to your scrambled eggs, and  make quiches or stews.

In this instance, I decided to combine them with yams (another antioxidant powerhouse rich in vitamins A, C and B6) to take off the bitter edge of the greens. I also added some kidney beans, just in case the fiber, iron and protein in the other two main ingredients wasn’t enough! The kidney beans are also great at stabilizing blood sugar, and are a great source of folic acid and the trace minerals manganese and magnesium.

All in all, this recipe is packed full of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs!

So.. Let’s get to it!

Dandelion Greens and Yam Stew

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 35 minutes


1/2 bunch of dandelion greens, washed and cut
1 shallot (or other type of onion)
2 cloves of garlic, diced
1 diced yam
1/2 can of kidney beans
1 can of organic fire roasted tomatoes
1 tbsp of olive oil
Balsamic vinegar, turmeric, cumin and salt to taste

Feel free to experiment, add any vegetables, or switch types of beans, potatoes or onions. Basically, have fun with this recipe!

1) Heat the olive oil in a pot with a cover, add shallots and garlic and sautee until they start to brown
2) Add a splash of water and dandelion greens, cover pot and lower the heat
3) When the greens are half wilted, add the tomato sauce and yams. Cover again.
4) When the yams are done, add the kidney beans and stir until everything is the same temperature.
6) Add a splash of balsamic vinegar and turmeric, cumin and salt to taste


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