Getting Back Into Your Sexy – First Edition

I don’t particularly like list blog posts because I don’t like telling people what to do.

It’s my mission to let go and not be a control freak.

I’m not here to direct your life.

So I figured I could make this into a series instead of a list, the added benefits being that I can keep adding stuff, and you won’t have to be stuck reading a neverending post.


Ok. Here we go!

My sexy? What is this woman talking about?!?!?

You know when you’re all caught up in your head, overanalyzing everything to the point of paralysis?

Those times when you have a gazillion possibilities staring you in the face, and you don’t know which way to go?

For those moments of “well, I could go this way, which would be great because of a.b and c. But then I miss out on x. Or I could do it this way, which solves that. But leaves me without b. No, no.. I got it! Wait.. No. No, that doesn’t work either. Hmm… I’ll sit on this some more and see if I come up with something new.”

Blah. Blah. Blah. Blechh.

If this sounds like your rambling inner dialogue, the one that keeps you stuck in the same spot forever and ever… You know what I’m talking about.

And you are the person I wrote this for.

Your sexy is that place where you know in your gut what the next step is, and you take action.

You flow, from a deep-driven desire.

Kind of like when you have that special someone in the bedroom with you, and you’re following your natural instincts.

There are no doubts, no thoughts. Just…

Sweet action.

The suggestions you will find throughout this series will take you out of your mind so that you can take action outside the bedroom.

Actions that have to do with finally getting your thing out of your head and into the world.

Making it happen. Finally!

These techniques will help you bypass your thinking brain, so that you can make decisions from your more creative side and your intuition.

When you quiet all those thinking voices, you just know what the next step is.

There’s no wavering, no questioning.

The best way, in my experience, to get out of your mind is to move into your body.

Into your sexy.

So here’s the first way I use to achieve that:

Music and Movement

This is not the first time I’m writing about movement as an exorcism.

That’s because it works.

Put on some of your favorite music. Try to make it something without lyrics (or with very few ones), so that your thinking brain isn’t activated throughout the exercise.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath and focus on how the air travels in through your nose and into your belly and lungs.

Then turn your attention to the music.

Let the sounds wash over you, focusing on how they feel on your body.

For this exercise, I enjoy using music with a deep bass. I can feel it reverberating in my core, and it’s like it’s making its way through every single cell in my body.

Inevitably, this leads me to movement.

I start swaying, my fingers tap, my arms move, my hips…

My body starts dancing out of its own accord.

Letting the music play you like an instrument is a beautiful thing.

But perhaps this doesn’t get you to move, and that’s ok too. The point is to focus on the sensations in your body, and to remember to keep breathing deep, beautiful breaths.

This exercise is designed to help strip you of inhibitions, and all those paralyzing questions.

What are your thoughts? Please leave your feedback in the comments section.


4 thoughts on “Getting Back Into Your Sexy – First Edition

  1. Yes! I love this… music, dance, movement, these bring me back to the core of myself. Sadly, when I’m caught up in the crazy busy I tend to forget this… so thank you for reminding me 🙂

    *making a date with the stereo system tonight!


  2. I call this sort of thing spastic dancing–it’s really therapeutic 🙂 Love the imagery of music as an exorcism but I’ve noticed that if a song is familiar enough and strikes the right chord, even one with lots of lyrics can raise you to a level of abandon to where your just feeling your body move and not think about the words.

    A compromise, I suppose, would be to listen to World Music in a language you don’t speak–best of both worlds, perhaps?


  3. @Heidi – Yes! Isn’t it beautiful? How was your date with the stereo?

    @Scraps – Lol @ “spastic dancing”! Sometimes, that’s exactly what it looks like. But it’s all about how it feels and forgetting about how it looks.

    My suggestion for music without lyrics is to help those who are new to this bypass the thinking brain. But, as you mentioned, it can work with any music as long as you can get lost in it. World music is some of the best to do this with, and I really enjoy ambient music with a low sexy vibe as well. Portishead, Bonobo, Thievery Corp, and Sneaker Pimps are some of my favorite.

    What are yours?


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