Musings by the Muse: #1

I’m inspired.


What inspires you?


Personally, lately my source of inspiration have been all the ah-mazing people I’m surrounded with.

My family, both birth and chosen, is pretty fantastic.


Super supportive, always willing to listen, help and celebrate together. And everyone is so creative!


I’m also inspired by all the random strangers I cross paths with every day.


And, let me tell you, in New York City, I corss paths with a lot of people on the subway and the streets.


These strangers seem so focused to me.. So grounded.


While I am grounded in my body and my practices, I tend to be a very much go with the flow kind of person. I live in the moment, and this is valuable.


But there’s also something to be relished about being in the world, so connected with the rythms of routine and a more structured life.


I feel there’s something I can learn from these strangers at this point in my life,


And so I’m seeing that as much as I’m here to inspire you, you also inspire me.


And you inspire me to inspire you.


We give breath to each other. A reason and a purpose to the unfolding of our lives.


I’m taking a pause to honor this and take the time to be in awe of this bigger picture.


And to be grateful.


Jump in!

What are your sources of inspiration, recent or past?


Jump in!!

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