Winter Stagnation?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written about getting back into our sexy.




I suppose all the layers upon layers of winter clothing have been a literal barrier to me being in touch with my body as usual.


During summer, it’s so easy!


My body is right there, visible.


(Especially because I tend to wear nothing but a bikini, a sarong and sandals… Yes, even in NYC).


The warm summer breeze feels scrumptious on my skin, and so do the suns rays.


People are smiling, music is blaring, our senses are bombarded with all sorts of pleasurable experiences.


Summer is all about being (at least!) half-naked, being open, exploring, having lots of energy and running around doing all sorts of activities with loved ones.


Winter, on the other hand, is a time for reflection.


It’s natural to want to turn inward, pull the comforter up to our nose and stay in bed.


I mean, that’s how we’re built.


In winter, we go into hibernation mode.


Inevitably, this makes it hard to accomplish all the things that we’d like to accomplish.


And we start beating ourselves up.


Why is my ass expanding?

Why am I eating so much fatty crap?

Why does my body feel all heavy and lethargic?

Why is it so hard to get a move on?

Why do I have to talk myself into doing all this stuff, when it’s stuff that I would normally want to do?


There must be something wrong with us. Right?


Short answer? No.


Our bodies, being the amazingly intelligent creatures that they are, are forcing us to slow down. They’re keeping the balance.


According to Tao and Chinese medicine, there’s a time for expansion, a time to be expanded, a time for contraction, and a time to be contracted. This is a cycle that repeats itself and is present in everything.


In terms of seasons, spring is the expansion phase, summer the expanded stage, fall the contracting period and winter the contracted one.


And who are we to go against nature?


We run into trouble because our society demands us to be on all the time, no matter what season it is.


And at a time when we’re feeling like resting up, we’re stressing about so-and-so’s holidays party, whether or not our mother-in-law will like our gift, hoping the turkey comes out perfect or trying to figure out our plans for New Year’s Eve and making sure we have someone to kiss at midnight.


Or about the year-end bonus, how much vacation time we can take, or dealing with our boss’s demands for when we get back to work.


Or if we’re entrepreneurs, we are concerned about being consistent, keeping up the pace we set during the more expanded months, making sure everything is running smoothly and we’re putting ourselves out there in the same way as before.


Oy vey!


I’m stressing out just writing this.


All this stuff to think about and/or get done, and I don’t feel like it. Damnit!


And you know what? I’m not going to feel crappy about it anymore, and I suggest you do the same.


This is not the time to be all crazy and run around.


Don’t get me wrong, this decrease in outward movement doesn’t mean we need to be stagnant.


It simply means that the focus of our movement turns inside out.


It’s the time to reflect upon our year, foster gratitude for all the blessings we received, think about what we’d like next.


It’s the time to take care of ourselves. Reconnect with our body in a different way by giving it a warm bath, exfoliating with a dry brush, putting lotion on and giving ourselves a loving massage.


Winter is the time to rest and recharge, so that when spring comes around we’re refreshed and ready to, well… spring!


So try not to feel guilty when you’re eating fattier foods. To a certain extent, our body asks for heartier meals and this means more calories. It does it in its wisdom to protect us from the cold.


Yes, our ass might be bigger. But it’s only temporary.


Try not to feel guilty if you don’t get to do everything you set out to do. It’s ok to go at a slower pace.


Or when you’re not focused on the things you think you should be focusing on.


Perhaps winter is a reminder that we need to take care of ourselves first.



And if you’ll be in NYC on January 4th, we’re saying “G’bye!” to New Years Resolutions and learning to instead attract what we want for 2011. Join me for an Intention Setting + Fire Building workshop at Home (my offline effort to build community around a safe haven for fun, exploration and transformation).


We will take the time to reflect on the past year and what we’d like to invite into our lives next, set our intentions and then explore how to keep our firepower and belief in our deservingness to receive going strong throughout the year.


If you’re interested in attending or learning more about this initiative, please go Facebook or the Home website for more information.


One thought on “Winter Stagnation?

  1. in winter one needs make the effort to meet the baby of light fresh born each solstice , making the effort to rest in natures quiet frozen arms get out of the city and into the jack o green as he sleeps he feels you and nurtures your soul with heart , a little excersice not eat too much a little meditation on first rise and a mindfull sense of the textured apparancy of this very moment of which I AM ,


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