Tomorrow! Intention-setting + Fire-building workshop

Hello, my darlings!


I hope your 2011 is rocking as much as mine.


So far, there’s been a lot of magic happening. I can tell by the sprinklings of fairy dust I keep finding everywhere.


For example, as soon as I committed to my trip to Thailand (leaving next Monday!), the right person showed up to sublet my bedroom while I’m away… without me having to announce anything.


There’s also the whole thing about people stepping up to do their part in co-creating Home, the safe have for fun, exploration and transformation I recently opened up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


I’d been a bit frustrated with the whole thing, but then I realized I needed to get out of the way and let the space be whatever the space will be.


And, as soon as I did that (and literally got myself physically out of the way), people started inquiring about how they can help.


This comes to show you, the more you try the more stuck you get.


Life can come more easily when you stop fighting and instead  you 1) get clear on your vision without being attached to the way it needs to happen, and 2) start accepting that whatever does happen will be exactly right.


Which brings me to the idea of setting intentions and the awesometastic workshop I’m holding tomorrow at Home:


Everybody knows about New Year’s resolutions.


How many of us actually follow through on them?


Intentions are about envisioning what we want, without necessarily knowing how our wishes might come to turn true. They are different from new year’s resolutions in that we are not attached to the outcome.


Lifting the pressure off, intention setting allows us to focus on what we’d like to invite into our lives without beating ourselves up or wracking our brains trying to figure out a way to make them happen.


They involve a degree of trust that, whether they come to be or not, whatever happens will be the right thing for us.


Intentions are also about allowing ourselves to believe that there’s more than a possibility that we might deserve them to come true. They set the stage for us to be open to receive.


Tomorrow’s workshop will be an exploration of the difference between intentions and new year’s resolutions. Taking advantage of the energies of both the new year and the new moon on January 4th, we will set our intentions for 2011.


As a bonus, after our intentions are set, we will explore techniques to build our fire, our power, and our trust to keep our intentions strong in the face of apparent obstacles. Focusing on our first, second and third chakras, we will ground into our bodies in order to bring our vision from our imagination into reality.


Date: Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Location: Home

84 N 9th Street, #209

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Investment: $12


If you’re in the NYC area, I hope to see you there!


And if not, I wish you the very bestest, happy, healthy and fun new year!


Much love!



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