I’ve decided I’m going to stop skirting around it and say it.




Yes, that’s a big part of what I teach.


I didn’t want to say the word because a lot of people have misconceptions about what Tantra actually is, but I’m tired of talking around the word.


All this talk about turning you on, making you horny…. Well, it comes from an understanding that we can harness our sexual energy, the energy that drives life, and utilize it for a purpose other than just stress relief (i.e. orgasmus vulgaricus…. Just made that one up).


Isn’t Tantra about just having really great, “spiritual” sex?


No. Yes. Sort of, but not exactly.


Tantra is about acceptance of the whole.


There’s not one iota of you that isn’t perfect in its imperfection, and Tantra aims at having a continuous experience of the knowledge of this.


Of full self-acceptance. Self-love that allows us to love others more fully as well.


It also aims at our two most important drives, namely, the drive towards life (sex) and the drive away from death.


We want to transcend both, in order to not feel like we’re either running towards or running away from something all the time.


This way, we can live in our center. We can be steadier in any situation.


So, on that side of the equation, Tantra isn’t so much concerned with sex itself as it is about sexual energy, how to increase it and what to do with it. How we can use it to improve our lives,…


And feel more whole.


Oof…. That was liberating!


5 thoughts on “Tantra

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  3. Hi, I’m new at Tantra and am interested in attending some groups next year to get started. I occasionally feel that horniness after I detox my body of all impurities and when I wake up in the morning I have that feeling, which energizes me. Is Tantra about keeping that feeling throughout the day and each day? That would be nice. I often “lose” that feeling after eating poorly or not exercising. Thanks for any comments on this.

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    • Hi Tom!

      Thanks for sharing your questions.

      If by ‘that feeling’ you mean a turn on that has you feeling alive, but isn’t necessarily sexual (as in wanting to have sex), then yes. Tantra incorporates this sexual energy and puts it to good use in our every day life.

      Where are you based? Perhaps I can recommend some courses.


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