You Are Beautiful

If I lose weight, he will like me

If I look like a model, I will attract my partner

If I had bigger boobs, he would want me

If I have a six-pack, she wouln’t resist me

If I wasn’t so shy, my life would be more exciting

If I were nicer, people would stick around

If I dressed with more expensive clothes, people would take me more seriously

If I were funnier, smarter, had a larger penis nicer car, , a more “important” job, better taste in music… blah, blah blah!


Aren’t you tired of this?


When will we realize that we are enough just the way we are?


Society would have us believe otherwise because no one would buy any of the crap that advertisers throw in front of our eyeballs and ears 24/7 if people didn’t feel they are not good enough.


My skin should be tighter, look younger, less wrinkles!

My boobs should look perkier

My shlong should be… shlonger?




For a very long time I felt the same way.


But now that I am (mostly) on the other side, it makes me so mad to see perfectly lovely and loveable desirable sexy people beat themselves up over stuff that isn’t true.


This is why I’m so passionate about showing you the truth.


When you strip away all the pretenses, the fake smiles, the plastic surgery, penis enlargement supplements, make-up, butt-enhancing pantihose, push-up bras, the career that doesn’t suit you but you feel will make people see you’re worthy of being valued, the expensive cars/gadgets/XL houses that are supposed to make up for your self-perceived faults…


Yes, perhaps some of your insecurities linger.


Maybe you feel vulnerable.


But you are beautiful. Not in spite of that, but because of it.


Just as you are.


And if you let me, I will show you.


One thought on “You Are Beautiful

  1. Beauty is being vulnerable and secure in our own skins, not forcing ourselves to be someone else. I agree one hundred percent.


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