Overwhelm and Abundance

Hi, lovely souls!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been pretty overwhelmed lately.

Overwhelmed with countless projects, countless events, magical moments and beautiful people like yourselves.

I’m so incredibly lucky. And so incredibly grateful for everything life offers, the good and the ‘bad.’

My life is so awe-inspiringly abundant!


So what’s been going on?


These days, I find myself experimenting, mixing modalities from different traditions into one healing session. My healing sessions have evolved to combine energy work with guided meditation, shamanic rituals and Tantric/Taoist techniques to increase and manage our life energy.

And the results are quite amazing!

My clients come back to my sessions reporting feeling empowered, confident, more focused and energized. They are clearer in communicating their needs and, paired with a new-found feeling of derservingness, this assertiveness results in them getting more of what they want in their life.

They feel more comfortable in their own skin, and that’s what Naked Wellness is all about.

The evolution of my personal and professional practice continues to amaze me. And I am in awe of this marvelous, miraculous and humorous life.

Wow! I can’t wait to see what happens next!


Shameless self-promotion!


In the meantime, my commitment is to continue showing up to what is asked of me.

At the moment, women are clamoring for more sexual healing workshops. Looks like this will become an ongoing series supporting women in their staying feminine in such masculine environments (I mean… seriously, have you seen the NYC skyline??? Looks like a bunch of monumental phalluses to me!).

The next date will be June 23rd, 6:30-10:00 pm at 84 N 9th Street, # 209 in Brooklyn, NY. Just $25 when you pre-register by sending your payment to mkiersz@hotmail.com via PayPal ($30 at the door).

Another project in the works is a 4-part workshop on active meditation for those of us who would like the benefits of meditation but cannot sit still, much less ‘stop thinking.’ Stay on the lookout for dates!

I’ll also continue offering the Prosperity Circles at Home (my little side project) every first Monday of the month, in which we will do Osho’s Kundalini Shaking Meditation to shake off self-doubt and set our intentions for the month with a clear slate.

On top of all that, I’m collaborating with a variety of practitioners from all walks of life to bring more fun and more transformation to Home. Shamanic ceremonies, tantra workshops, yoga, Thai massage and more. Please go to the website (which should be updated soon!) for more details.

And, of course, the February retreat in Thailand. I’m super psyched for that one!


So what’s been going on with you?


One thought on “Overwhelm and Abundance

  1. Your energy is contagious!!!!!just reading and feeling what you say, is therapeutic and push me to better feelings for my-self; it” s so difficult sometimes to treat ourselves with love and compasion..thanks


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