How I Got Started

Hello, darlings!

I get asked a lot how I got started with what I do, so I figured I’d share it here.

If you’re in any way inspired by me and feel a wee bit jealous (it’s ok!) wishing you could do the same, let me tell you…

I used to have the same feeling about others, telling myself I couldn’t do what they do or didn’t have the courage or whatever other excuse I made up to stay in my comfort zone.

Yes, comfortable… but miserable!

What changed?

I enrolled into the Institute for Integrative Nutrition‘s one year health coaching certification program and it was the one of the most empowering experience of my life.

Why am I sharing this?

Because if you have been looking for a change in your life and are interested in holistic health and sustainability, enrolling into the program between August 15 -18th will get you the following:
1) $200 SpaFinder Gift Card
2) $300 Tuition Reimbursement
3) FREE VIP seating at IIN’s live September conference in NYC with guest speakers & wellness experts: Deepak Chopra, Mark Hyman, Joshua Rosenthal & many more!

I cannot stress how amazing the experience was, and how grateful I am every day that I took a chance and enrolled.

If you’ve been twiddling your thumbs, not sure how to get started but knowing you have to do something…

Stop twiddling and pick up the phone!

To jump on this opportunity, call the IIN Admissions office at 877.730.5444 and tell them Melody Kiersz sent you.

Believe me, you’ll look back and be so happy you did!


Jump in!!

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