What’s Your “ON” Button?

Hello, sweethearts!


How are you this rainy New York day?

I have to say, there’s something so soothing and comforting about waking up to the pitter-patter of raindrops.

Maybe it’s because it brings memories of snuggling up under a warm comforter, sighing deeper into a cocoon made up of warm sheets and soft mattress.



In any case, I’m writing today because I’m excited about a new discovery I made about myself last night.


I’m usually very calm, and people always tell me how grounding it is to be around me.

My pace is a lot slower than most people’s in this hectic city.

My energy level a lot more even than the crazy rollercoaster of sugar-highs and sugar-crashes most people engage in every day.

In my life, everything is slow and steady… Much like one of my power animals, the tortoise.

I went to the monthly Full Moon Party my friends at Unitribe put together at City Life Wellness, a community oasis in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

It is always a beautiful family gathering, full of love, fun, and celebration. And lots of dancing!

In any case, I had just arrived and hadn’t made my way inside yet. I was chatting with some of the people who were catching some fresh air outside, one of them a musician who was playing Brazilian drum.

As usual, I was pretty chill.

But as soon as I got inside, the drum music got into my body and my energy level skyrocketed effortlessly.


Whoa! I was shaking my hips, dancing and jumping like a tribal mad-woman. Or rather, the Earth Goddess that I am.


Now, this is pretty normal for me because I absolutely adore dancing. And I absolutely adore dancing to live drums.

But the insight came when the drummer, who had seen me outside all calm and chill and my usual grounded self, came to me later to comment on how much he enjoyed how high-energy I was while I was dancing.


While I had experienced this switch before, it wasn’t until he said that that I realized…


Drums are one of my “ON” buttons!


They are one of the things that turn my body on so much so quickly, no matter how tired I am.

And in such an utterly delicious way!


Jump in!

So, tell me…. What are your “ON” buttons? Mayhaps you inspire the rest of us to try the same.


Jump in!!

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