Starting Your Day… The Right Way!

I have a confession to make:

I absolutely love looking at myself in the mirror!

Is this a sign of vanity?


Honestly, though…. Who cares???

Over the past year, since I moved into my current bedroom, I have been admiring myself first thing in the morning every morning.

Well,… At least the mornings I sleep in my bedroom. Tee hee!

You see, I sleep naked, so it’s pretty hard to avoid seeing myself in my dresser’s beautiful round leveled mirror when I get up from bed. The dresser is directly in front of my bed, so it’s inevitable that I will catch a glimpse of myself.

I have to admit that it hasn’t always been a positive experience. There’s those days that I feel like a blob, but for the most part… I have learned to feel beautiful even in my blobness.

This has really become a beautiful ritual for me, a practice of loving myself up first thing in the morning.

Why not?

So, while in the past I looked at my reflection and found everything that was wrong with me, today I make it a practice to find new things to appreciate every day.

Today, I must say, I’m loving my rear view! It came to my attention that I really enjoy the way my small back flows into the indentation at my waist and flares out to my hips… And the full round soft heaviness of my butt.

Before, I would have looked at the same thing and seen my cellulite, the width of my hips would have been too big, and my butt too heavy. I would have found the difference between my waist and my hips to be way more pronounced that it should be.

But who sets those rules anyway??

I say trash them, and make up your own!

I’m so happy that these same things I would have found fault with before, are ones that I now absolutely adore!

So tell me,…

Jump in!

What are some things you do, or could do to appreciate yourself and your body as soon as you wake up? What are some learned rules about what is beautiful that you could do away with?

Feel free to be as detailed as you feel inspired to be.


Jump in!!

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