Stop Being Afraid of Being Afraid

We have all heard it:

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Feel the fear… and do it anyway.

It works.

For a while anyway. And then it comes back to bite us in the ass.

We’ve all been through it.

We feel it, then decide to focus on what we want, pushing the fear away and going for it.

It’s amazing and we feel elated that we’re moving forward. Not just moving, sprinting!

Bursting with energy and passion and inspiration and ideas and things roll, roll, roll.

We get things done, meet amazing people, connect in exciting ways.

And then we plateau. Then we get used to this new altitude, we take things for granted and it seems like we’re not moving at all.

Things are slooooow. They don’t go the way we want.

First, I want to offer a pearl of wisdom a friend shared with me:

The universe never says ‘no.’ It only has 3 responses: Yes, not yet, and ‘I got something better for ya’.

Trust in this is paramount. So is patience.

But how do we put some joyful effort, some energy, behind our belief in the benevolence of the universe?

How do we catch our second wind?

You know… Like when you’re jogging and at the beginning you’re super motivated, your body is in it, your mind is in it, your emotions are in it… And then, somehow you reach a point when you get distracted, it’s harder to focus on what you’re doing and all you want to do is to stop.

Well, first, is to just trust, have patience and keep moving knowing it’ll get easier again.

Feel the fear (or tiredness or burn) and do it anyway.

But there’s more we can do.

More than just denying the fear and/or self-doubt, pushing it away or running away from it.

And even more than just being grateful for it and accepting it as something sacred and divine in its own right.

I’m going to suggest something radical:

Let it be there. Not just that…

Tune into it, dive in headfirst, soak yourself in it. Cover yourself and roll around in its mud.

What does it feel like, this masterful and powerful force we call Fear?

What does it look like? What’s the color? The texture? How does it feel like in your body?

Try it.

Can you tune into your fear right now? Can you feel the incredible tsunami of energy that it is?

The rush of adrenaline and hormones coursing through your body?

Stay with me. Take a deep breath and focus on this hurricane.

Focus on the intensity and the near-overhwlmingness.

What if we could harness this unstoppable force? What if we can reappropriate it and use it as a source of power?

How do we do this?

As most powerful techniques, it’s very simple:

Breathe into it and let the fear be there. Let it grow.

Breathe, low and deep into your belly, and let it out through your mouth with an ‘ahhhhhhh‘.

Relax your jaw.

Relax your eyebrows.

When it becomes that huge overwhelming force that we feel threatened by, forget the name we’ve given this accumulation of emotions and energy.

Turn it into an exploration. An adventure. Allow yourself to sink deep into this powerful combination of sensations, and focus on what feels good about it.

And there is something that feels good about it.

Is it the incredible surge of never-ending energy? The rush? The intensity? The thrill?

This unbelievable force lives in you.

Denying it is futile.

But the fact that it’s in you? It means it’s YOURS.

Yours to do with it as you please.

We have called it Fear and given it the power to threaten us, to take us over.

But if we leave the name aside, and focus on what it feels like in our body, this is an incredible rush of energy and we can choose how to channel it.


Make that conscious choice not to put the fear aside, but to put it to good use. What will you do with this insane amount of energy now coursing through your body?

Oftentimes in personal growth and new age circles, there is a tendency to run towards the ‘light.’

But what if we can harness the power of the ‘light’ and the ‘dark’ inside us, and fuse them together to create something huger than the sum of it’s parts?

What’s beautiful about this technique is that, not only is it powerful and gives us something self-serving to do with this fear, but that it also means that we can stop being afraid of being afraid.

This way of embracing the power of our fear gives us confidence because we know that when that fear or self-doubt or that plateau comes again (and we all know it does because that’s how this onion of the journey of life works), our response doesn’t have to be ‘oh SHIT!‘, but…

HELL YEAH! More material to work with!

Are you with me?


2 thoughts on “Stop Being Afraid of Being Afraid

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about fear and the energy behind fear. What if we never called it this word and simply engaged with it as a form of energy that has the ability to transform us. Thanks for putting into words something that I’ve been thinking about for a while.


    • Thanks for your comment, darling!

      YES! When you focus on it, it’s just an incredible, unstoppable rush that makes you want to get off your ass and do something! I find focusing on any emotion can get us in touch with this part of ourselves, but fear is so easy to pinpoint that it’s almost like a superhighway to it.

      Much love and pleasure,



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