Deeper. Softer. Stronger.

Hello, lovely people!

As is my custom while I’m processing and digesting life, I went a bit MIA.

Let’s see… I’m writing right now because it seemed appropriate, though there’s nothing really that I have to say specifically.

Usually, when I writ a blog post, what happens is that I have an important message to offer or share. An epiphany, a re-membering, or a useful tip.

But today? Hmm… Not today.

I suppose I’m just going to share what’s been going on with me since it’s been so long.

It might seem a bit unorthodox, but I’m going to disclose a bit of my process with Naked Wellness, where I am with it and what (if anything) I want to do with it.

There’s pressure from ‘the way things are done’ when you’re supposed to be some sort of expert not to do what I’m about to do. But integrity is the most important thing to me, and I just don’t like pretending or hiding the truth.

I’m here to take a stand for full-openness, softness, and leading from amongst the people… Not from above. And that means being open with my process and asking for feedback so I know what you, my lovely audience, wants.

While this might make me seem weak to some people, I feel very strong in full-disclosure. If this sort of thing turns you off, then so be it.

So what is it??

I’ve been wondering what to do with Naked Wellness. It seems to me that people have been getting the wrong idea about what it is that it stands for, and I’ve been getting a lot of requests for sex therapy and things of that sort. And, while I can offer guidance in that area, it is not at the core of what I do.

My sense of humor is kind of dirty, yes… And, unfortunately, the word ‘Tantra’ has become synonym with Sacred Sexuality and it’s very hard to re-educate people about what Tantra is actually about, especially when Tantra teachers themselves keep mixing it up in their own lack of understanding or because of the pressure to offer that kind of thing because, hey,… sex sells.

I myself have even been responsible for this, and it’s been putting me off and making me reluctant to continue.

I’ve been wondering what kind of language to use that is exciting and fun for me to share the message of self-acceptance and connection, yet doesn’t leave people confused about what I offer.

I recognize the combination of my sense of humor, language and offerings might have given the wrong impression, and I’m looking at remedying that.

I suppose this post is a start in finding that balance.

I’m at a point in my life where I recognize that, in the current version of how the world functions and how people perceive leaders, the kinds of things that seem necessary in order to have a thriving business almost require me telling you that there is something that needs to be fixed in you, something that you need to know or get, and that you can only do so through me.

And I just don’t believe that. I’m no one to judge you or your lifestyle or where you are at.

Who am I to say you are less conscious or that you’re not happy?

I just happen to have dropped a lot of my “I know better than you” judgmental attitude, and marketing is even less appealing than it was before. It asks me to come out of integrity with myself and my beliefs.

So… In the coming months, I will be reframing Naked Wellness to be more aligned with where I am. I don’t know what’s going to happen with it, but I do know what I am more concerned with BEING than with DOING. Any actions I take will be as a result of being more, and doing less.

I do know that I have skills that are helpful in guiding people to fulfill their expression of their true self. Without sounding pompous about it, I don’t want to withdraw that from those who might find it helpful.

So I will continue to offer, but I won’t be pushing it on you. If you already know what you want, there’s nothing stopping you.

If you feel that you or someone you know would benefit from having someone like me in your court to cheer you on, empower you and hold you accountable, my arms are open. If you truly believe what I offer is helpful, please feel free to tell others about it.

I strongly believe we are coming upon a time when the way we do business will change radically, and I’m throwing in my weight with that.

In the meantime, I might use this space to continue posting musings and random things, as well as to ask…

What do YOU want out of Naked Wellness? What has been helpful or inspiring to you from this site or reading my diary?

As always, please remember: feedback is welcome; advice… not.

Thank you for reading.

With love always,



3 thoughts on “Deeper. Softer. Stronger.

  1. Melody. I am so feelin’ you on this Blog Post! I have been taking my time getting my offerings for women “together” because I have been turned off to old ways of marketing, especially when it makes someone feel that something is “wrong” with them or that they need to come to the “expert”.

    I definitely feel that there is a new business model coming of age and I am so with you!

    Telling the Truth IS POWERFUL. I have been careful as I write my “story” and went though a huge period of anger that I shared with my partner about how I hate in Marketing that you make yourself look Perfect and market with only your “best face forward”.

    Fuck that!

    That is why I loved when I found you! You may not know it, but I saw and felt a genuine person who was showing her real self and inspiring others from that place. I love it and I so appreciate you!

    Just that you wrote this blog post shows that further!

    I am in the process of putting my website together and am wanting to be honest with my process, not try to make it look like I am perfect and have it all figured out.

    I think this honesty is what the world needs right now!

    Thank you for such a beautiful post. Thank you for the reminder. And it is a beautiful “omen” that what I was feeling and wanting to share is what is best for me.

    Much Love!

    Thank You for Being YOU.

    Kristen Lynnette


    • Hi Kristen!

      Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement. The more of us that take a stand, the more ‘business as usual’ will shift into better alignment with our hearts.

      I’m so happy to see someone like you, who is starting her business from this place.

      Let’s do this together!




      • As a business man/ marketing guy, I am intrigued by this integrous approach to life coaching. Humble and honest, an innovative business model. Thank you for sharing.


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