Who Do You Have To Be?

Even after 10 years, I sometimes still can’t believe I live in New York City.

What’s more, how did I get so lucky that the view from my rooftop is the perfect postcard image of the famous Manhattan skyline?

Yes, there are a lot of things that could be better… and New Yorkers like to make a sport of complaining about them.

But, last night, standing in silence on a pier in Brooklyn facing the breathtaking view, hearing the hum and feeling the pulse of the city make it’s way through my body…

My heart felt full.

In these quiet moments, the city has a way of demanding your attention. Of almost forcing you to stop and contemplate all the dreams and dreamers that move and shake in this city. The ones that are born here, and the ones that come with a sense of adventure, courage, hope and just the right amount of madness.

In the wind, you can almost hear all the stories of immigrants arriving in this city decades and even over a hundred years ago, passing by the Statue of Liberty and stepping onto the Land of Opportunity with their American Dream.

More than that… You can almost experience the stories yourself, as if the wind possessed you with magical qualities so you could try on a time when things were different, and yet very much the same.

People continue to flock to New York City with their dreams, and this is what is so inspiring and energizing about it.

This random ritual of walking up to the East River and gazing upon the Empire State, United Nations, and Chrysler buildings amongst all the other less identifiable ones always ends up being somewhat of a devotional experience.

It feels as if I’m paying homage to the city.

And why not? I do love it here.

As urban and gritty as it is, it is also a city of dreams and aspirations where people really do believe anything is possible.

When all these skyscrapers we see now were being built with the goal of them being the tallest buildings in the world,… it hadn’t been done before!

The engineers, architects and everyone on those teams had to firmly believe in their ability to complete the project even though it was something they had no experience with.

And what a perfect analogy, eh?

What is your Empire State Building in this moment?

What is something that you want, but you have no idea who you’d have to be or how to go about attaining it? Can you trust that it’s possible, even though you lack the knowledge?

I’d really love to hear about it in the comments section. Remember: you create with your word, so claim it loud and proud!

And after you do that, also remember that the risks those engineers took paid off.

The Empire State Building is still standing.

Now go build yours.


4 thoughts on “Who Do You Have To Be?

  1. Love it!!!your comments are an inspiration to me..and it looks so easy to dream..and feel motivated to create my own creations and goals…thanks

    Miriam Grynszpancholc


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