All the intensity. None of the drama.

Watercolor by Marion Bolognesi

These days I’m feeling so much.

So muuuuuuuuuch.

It’s really quite ridiculous.

From the highs of ever-expanding joy, to the highs of deep cracks opening my heart even wider. Receiving all that there is, no matter what it is.

Letting myself be loved and seen and received in whichever way the other party loves, sees and receives me.

Without worrying about where things will go; If I do this, or that. Or don’t.

Just letting the depth of my true, soft vulnerability show in my heart and in my eyes and in my body.

So exquisite!

And so hard to describe.

You probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Or perhaps the sensations are so familiar that my words strike a chord.

This is the moment. The moment in which there is a choice:

To relax into the cracking, or contract around it trying to protect myself.

It’s really not a choice though. What good will it do me to contract?

Hearts were made to be broken, and in their breaking they become larger and more whole, able to contain even more.

That is the paradox.


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