Wake Up

Wake up.

What will you choose this morning: will you let your habitual thought patterns tell you how you’re wrong or not enough, or will you instead focus on how you and life are amazing and all the love and joy you have to share?

This moment, this exact morning moment in which you wake up and your mind’s cogs start turning, is at the very crux of your Free Will and your experience of life… EVERY day.

And no, it’s not that you haven’t had your coffee yet.

Feeling good is your highest responsibility. If not for you, then for the rest of the world.

Think about how your thoughts affect how you go about your day, how you react to others.

How courteous and loving and joyful (or the opposite) you are.

Do you think that has an effect on the people around you?

It ripples out.

So, when this moment comes… This moment of waking up, when you notice your mind’s thoughts start to happen, take note and choose.

Are you going to let it run you? Run the world?

Or will you re-direct it to everything that is awesome and amazing in you and in life?



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