Q&A: What is a Good Remedy for Lack of Patience?

A question from the always lovely and amazing Jasmine Jobity, Founder of VIP (Voices In Pursuit of Personal and Professional Prosperity), came up recently on my Facebook feed:

What is a good remedy for lack of patience?

Great question, Ms. Jobity!

My immediate response to it would have been… Patience.

Feel familiar?

Feel familiar?

But that doesn’t quite solve the problem, now does it? It seems we have a catch-22 on our hands.

I didn’t want to point out the obvious or give a non-actionable answer. After all, that would just be merely more frustrating.

So, patiently, I pondered… and this is what came up:

 Jasmine Jobity

Yesterday at 11:29am near New York ·

What is a good remedy for lack of patience?

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 Melody Kiersz Hmm… Find pleasure in details. Pleasure requires slowing down, which can be an effort at first but once you start reaping the fruits of the slowing down you feel good which is incentive to keep going.

Yesterday at 11:36am via mobile · Unlike · 2

 Jasmine Jobity double like! – like like, there needs to be a new option for how much I like that suggestion! thanks Melody!

Yesterday at 11:38am · Like

 Melody Kiersz Thanks… And yes, when I re-read what I wrote I almost liked it myself (And why not? I’m clicking ‘like’ as soon as I post this comment).

Yesterday at 5:17pm via mobile · Edited · Like · 1

 Jasmine Jobity It’s brilliant! And reminded me of two other things I avoid, so there must be truth in it.

Yesterday at 11:41am · Unlike · 1

 Melody Kiersz Actually, do you mind if I share this as a Q&A on my page?

Yesterday at 11:42am via mobile · Like

 Melody Kiersz What two other things?

Yesterday at 11:42am via mobile · Like

 Jasmine Jobity Share it with the world! haha – the hard part is doing it. I will work on that today

Yesterday at 11:43am · Unlike · 1

 Jasmine Jobity 2 other things: slowing down, long enough to pay attention to details. But I use to love details when I was little and thrived as a result. back to basics.

Yesterday at 11:44am · Unlike · 1

 Neta-lee Noy My eyes rolling at you?

Yesterday at 11:45am via mobile · Like

 Melody Kiersz Well, what’s cool about it is that it comes with its own incentive. The initial feeling of making an effort only lasts until you find something interesting to focus on. This is when an attitude of wonder and curiosity comes in handy, which was probably much more developed when we were kids and was habituated out of us as we grew up in the interest of productivity.

Yesterday at 5:17pm via mobile · Edited · Like · 1

 Jasmine Jobity Why you rolling at me Net?????

Yesterday at 11:50am · Like
 Jasmine Jobity YEah. Started focusing too much on the how I was doing instead of what I am doing. AND the results! That can kill an experience and enthusiasm QUICK!

What’s your take? Would this approach work for you? Do you have any other remedies that you use and would like to share with us?
Love, pleasure and gratitude always,

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