Grateful Tuesday!

Hello, dearest!

As I often do on the first Monday of the month, last night I did a little ritual to appreciate the things in my life I’m grateful for, shifting myself into a mindset of bountifulness to set my intentions for this coming month of February.

This morning I thought,

Why not share in the grAttitude with my readers? Perhaps they’d like to join in this weekly?

So here I am, and this is the very first Grateful Tuesday.


How it works

Simple: every Tuesday, I will post my list of 5-7 things I’m grateful for.

Please feel free to join in with your list in the comments. [And remember that this site is an unsolicited-advice-free zone].


  • I am grateful for my wonderful amazing wise body, which continues to astound me and teach me so much about life and love and living.
  • I am grateful for amazing friends and family that love and support me, and that I get to love and support.
  • I am grateful to live in a first world country and all that entails, including that I have my basic needs covered and can turn my attention to fulfilling my wants.
  • I am grateful for inspiration, creativity, and encouragement (from self and others) to keep moving forward with my projects and in my life.
  • I am grateful for breath and the spaciousness it creates.
  • I am grateful that I love myself, even the most remote corners of my being… Even when I am not necessarily acting like it, even when I am not aware of how unkind I’m being to myself, there is always the intention of self-love.

What are you grateful for, dear reader?


Jump in!!

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