Grateful Tuesday: People Edition

This is #3 of this lovely weekly ritual at Naked Wellness. Won’t you join us with your list in the Comments section?

Looks like this week’s GrAttitude is directed at the wonderful humans that have made this week especially special. I have so much love for all of you!

Here goes my list:

I’m grateful for my lovely and amazing friend Amy, and a wonderful ‘catch up and work’ session this morning.

Family-wise, this week I’m especially grateful for my sister.

I’m grateful for my Latina soul sisters, Marfil and Josie, for being there and balancing me out.

I’m grateful for my therapist and my Rabbi, and their support and encouragement.

I’m grateful for dear Kai and his impeccable timing in reconnecting, which made my morning more magical.

I’m grateful to feel loved and supported.

What has made your week especially special?



3 thoughts on “Grateful Tuesday: People Edition

  1. Hello, my dear! How are you?

    Regarding yesterday, Tuesday, February 19, 2013:

    1. I AM most thankful for the lovely new client who met with me yesterday morning, as well as her treating me to a cup of coffee.

    2. I AM most thankful for the great first date after the Reading.

    3. I AM most thankful for the Golden Delicious apple my date gave me until I had time to have dinner.

    4. I AM most thankful it rained yesterday, thereby cooling and cleansing my head and my entire Body.

    5. I AM most thankful for the great night of sleep I had last night.

    Thank you for all you do and for this wonderful series of posts.


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