Oops! Grateful… Wednesday?

I confess:

Yesterday was so packed with awesomeness that I completely spaced out on posting the 4th installment of my weekly GrAttitude list, Grateful Tuesday.

I supposed that’s a good thing for me, but I apologize to you, dear Reader. Please don’t hold it against me. Will you please still share your list with me in the comments section?

That’d be so lovely.

Here’s mine for this week:

I’m grateful for all my mentors and everyone that consistently encourages me to keep digging and keep shining.

I’m grateful for the delicious massage (thank you, dear Rachel!) that had me so out of it that I forgot to post this yesterday.

I’m grateful for mind- and body-melting music that takes me on an unexpected journey of unfurling breath and senses.

I’m grateful to be able to support myself without compromising my freedom.

I’m grateful to be surrounded by beautiful, sweet, gentle, determined, powerful, warrior Men and Men-in-Training. It’s a privilege and a pleasure to witness and dance with you.

I’m grateful for the company of amazing, strong, sweet, gentle and confident Women and Women-in-Training with whom to share this journey and learn from. It’s a privilege and a pleasure to be around you as well.

Mhhmm… This practice is so yummy! Puts me in the mood for more.

How about you, dear Reader? What’s on your GrAttitude list this week?

Jump in!!

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