Grateful (Almost Not) Tuesday #7

Hello, darling Readers!

It’s been another week, and here I am, posting #7 in my weekly ongoing series on grAttitude: Grateful Tuesday.

This week has had it’s up and downs (what else is new?), and it has been intense, productive and fun.

How was yours?

I’d love to read what you’re grateful for this week in the comments section.

As for me, here’s my list of 5-7 things I’m especially appreciating this week:

  • I mentioned reading about mysticism in a recent post, Is Life Not Enough For You?. The inspiration was a series of handouts from my Kabbalah class, which I’m so enjoying. I’m grateful for the classes, my teacher, and the group but I want to take a second here to express   my gratitude for how fulfilling reading from these handouts has been. Sitting with a cup of tea, it’s been so nourishing to take some time to study. Not just read, but actually study and reflect and make notes. It’s actually made me consider going back to school. I had forgotten how much I enjoy all this!
  • I am grateful for all of you who came to my class, Fun & Practical Tools to BE HERE NOW. It was a pleasure and an honor to lead you through your emotional release and awakening to your body.
  • I am grateful for my inner strength and guidance, which shows up and catches me when I feel I’m going to keep falling forever. To know and trust that that resilience is there is priceless.
  • I am grateful that my projects are moving along nicely, at a pace that feels fulfilling and sustainable.
  • I am grateful that, as I am putting more energy and effort into all these new projects, I am also scheduling plenty of opportunities for self-love and self-care in the shape of exercise, time in the sauna, meeting friends for lunch or tea, spending some time massaging moisturizing oils into my skin, meditation, cooking delicious and healthy food for myself, and nutritious study and creativity. It feels so good to take care of me!
Cat nap

How I feel in the morning

  • I am grateful that Daylight Savings Time means the sun is warming me and waking me up in the most delicious way an hour earlier and I have more time to play and create and get things done during the day.
  • Lastly, my family has been a lot on my mind lately. Definitely grateful for them!

Of course, I’m always appreciative of you as well, sweet Readers. I’m very happy we get to keep each other company throughout the weeks.

Love always,


PS: Don’t forget to share your GrAttitude list below!

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