Grateful Tuesday: Let It Come

Dear Reader,

Welcome to yet another edition of Grateful Tuesday, my weekly shared ritual of listing 5-7 things I’m especially appreciative of. Will you join me in the comments? GrAttitude loves company!

This week has been very social and has brought a lot of insights and inner peace. It all has to do with putting the effort in, and then letting the rest unfold and come to me.

It’s so much better this way!

So very tempting!

So very tempting!

I’ve been longing to visit Thailand (as I usually do when it’s cold in New York) and all my lovely friends who are there the past few weeks. But I reminded myself that warmer weather was right around the corner, and stuck it out. Funnily enough, Thailand ended up coming to me in the shape of several friends I met there in the last few years visiting NYC. I’m grateful for them bringing their particular way of being supportive and loving when I was craving it, and I’m grateful to whatever it is (coincidence or not) that fulfilled my need.

I’m grateful for the strength that has been developing inside me to not take the little voices in my head that want to pull my attention to disempowering thoughts seriously. It’s been such a gift to notice them, not let them run me, know that they will get resolved exactly when they need to get resolved… and to be able to laugh about the whole circus is priceless!

Like this,... but with laughter

Add laughter and you get the picture (and the pun was totally intended)


I am most definitely grateful for 80-degree weather and the delicious combination of sun and skin and warmth that enveloped me this morning. After months of dragging myself around (along with 20 extra pounds of winter clothing), every cell in my body sang ‘This! This is exactly what I needed!

I’m also grateful for the rooftop on which I got to work on my tan while I followed up on phone calls, and the fact that I have the option to make that into my office on scrumptiously warm days like today.

Putting my bikini and sarong on today was literally like putting on another Melody. It made me realize that the Melody I’ve been experiencing this winter was just Winter Melody, and that the reason that I’d been concerned was that I thought this sadder and unmotivated version of myself was going to stick around forever, when really she is a seasonal part of me that requires me to be more internal. It just had been 3 years since I had experienced this version of myself, so I thought it was me when it was simply me in a particular context. This insight feels so much better than the subconscious belief I was carrying around, and I’m most certainly grateful to have noticed it.

I’m definitely grateful for all my supportive friends who always hold space for my greatness, reminding me it’s always there… even when I can’t see it. I love you all.

I’m grateful for my sense of humor and my ability to laugh at myself.

So yeah… This week has been full of flow, not because there haven’t been snags but because I’ve been practicing untangling and refocusing on what is in the moment, allowing things to resolve themselves and only intervening when necessary. It feels like good wisdom to have, and I’m grateful for that as well.

What are you grateful for this week, dear Reader? Will you share your grAttitude in the comments section?






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