Larger Than Life


How is the renewal of Spring treating you?

On my end, I’m really feeling the pull of the almost frenetic energy of Nature’s revival, tantalizing me with so many possibilities for adventure, expression and self-development/exploration.

Like WHOA!

Like WHOA!

With so many projects I’m spearheading, classes I’m taking and leading, people to connect with, places to visit, and self-care… it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed.

Are you feeling it too?

But taking deep breaths, focusing on what’s in front of me at the moment, and alchemizing the feeling of overwhelm into the sensation of excitement… It all feels like very yummy opportunities for fun and growth!

I hope you’re taking the time to do the same, turning any ‘too muchness’ into something to enjoy growing into instead of dread.

If life feels like too much to handle, don’t shrink it… Make yourself larger! [Tweet it!]

Learn how to hold more.

There’s so many precious things we want to experience, and it’s all about how we organize ourselves to do so while turning around feelings of overwhelm into the very thing that fuels us.

If you’d like to have support around this (or a couple other things listed below) you’re in luck:

I’m opening up 5 private coaching spots this Spring.

If you want to…

  • Experience what it’s like to stop putting stuff off and be able to take on more with pleasure
  • Reconnect with the beauty in your body and/or in yourself as it is
  • Let go of feelings of inadequacy and shame, and feel powerful and free to express yourself in any situation
  • Create more connection and opportunities for love and appreciation in your life

you might want to consider contacting me for an initial consultation.

Everyone wins!

One of the things I’m consciously stepping into more and more this year is practicing the art of gifting, both as a pleasure practice and as a way to get out of my comfort zone when I’m giving of myself beyond what I know I can handle.

It feels so great to expand the limits of my generosity, and it works so nicely for the receiving party as well!

So… I’m doing something crazy in the spirit of Spring and renewal, and

offering my initial consultations for $50 for the next month.

If you’ve been wondering what working with me is like, now is your chance to try it out for a ri-di-cu-lous price.

[Seriously… My initial consultations are usually $127].

In addition, anyone who pre-registers for one of my BE HERE NOW classes in New York City (the next one is Sensual Meditation + Yoga on April 22), will receive a FREE 30-minute phone/Skype session with me.

Like... WHO-HO-AH!!!!

Like… WHO-HO-AH!!!!

Just because Spring makes me happy.

Take advantage of it!

With love, cherry blossoms and gratitude,



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