Grateful Thursday

Hello, dear Reader!

I have to be honest and share with you that, as I write this, I’m feeling very annoyed.

I’m on my way to a seminar that encourages me to do all the things I don’t feel like doing, so I can create the things that I want in my life and the lives if others I want to inspire.

And I’m sleepy.

I just came home from helping my parents with their move, and all I want to do us curl up in bed for the next 12 hours.

Instead, I’m going to a seminar that will trigger me in every way so I can get out if my own way.

And, as annoyed as I am, I’m also grateful. I’m grateful that I’m making choices that support me in moving forward even when I want to dig in my heels and stop.

That’s #1 in my weekly ritual of listing 5-7 things I’m grateful for.

It’s supposed to happen every Tuesday, but hey… Better late than never, I say.

#2 I’m grateful to have been able to travel to Florida and support my parents at a stressful time.

#3 I’m also grateful I kept my cool. Visiting parents is one thing. Combine it with the stress of moving a 5 bedroom house… Ay-ay-ay!

#4 I’m grateful for my new guitar, and so excited to finally learn how to play now that I will be able to practice!

#5 I’m grateful to the amazing Parashakti, whom I always run into at random times and random places. We flew together today, and she reminded me that I can ask for help.

#6 Relatedly, I’m grateful to all the men who complied and helped me lug my suitcase up and down subway stairs. This tired woman really appreciates it!

#7 This one is kind of for the future: I’m so grateful for my delicious soft bed and the embrace it will enfold me in tonight. Hmmm…

What are you grateful for this week? Please share in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Grateful Thursday

  1. Hi Melody
    I am grateful for your reminder of this powerful practice to notice weekly 5-7 things one is grateful for.
    2) I am grateful that technology /internet allows you and I to share through the thousand of miles. I live in uk.
    3) I bought a very cheap guitar that needs to be tuned every half hour or so and I am grateful a friend and neighboor and excellent musician Nemo Jones informed me about this free app to tune your guitar downloadable on smartphone: pitchlab.
    4) Thanks to it yesterday I called via Skype my girlfriend and she thaught me the three cords of blowing in the Wind bt Bob Dylan. It was awesome to play and sing for the first time in my life playing guitar and share with her playing too.
    5) I am grateful for my new computer
    6) grateful for having cleared the space in my bedroom amd desk area.
    7) grateful for the Sunny wether and the time sapent outside this week.


    • Hi Remi!

      Thanks for sharing your gratitude here!

      I’ll check out the app, and I’m so looking forward to learning a whole song. Kudos to you for that! I hope to keep hearing about your progress, and your gratitude here.




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