Love As Our Access to Reality

Hello, lovelies!

I’m going to get slightly esoteric here, but it’s really in a very practical context.

Most of the time we spend going around riding the thoughts in our heads. Often, this means we’re disconnected from what is actually happening, potentially coming up with negative self-talk or disempowering ways of looking at things, and very likely missing out on opportunities to connect, create, or be intimate with others.

In short, we are missing out on life, and on feeling complete and fulfilled with things as they are.

I want to offer something here:

Love is the access.

Love is being in touch, literally and figuratively.

I’m not talking about fluffy pink Love (which is a very nice feeling, but not what I’m addressing right now).

When defined as choosing what is as it is and as it isn’t, Love is actually the way we connect with reality.

It is Presence, and in allowing what is to be as it is, we can actually be with it instead of with our interpretations about it in our heads.

I’m not advocating chucking thoughts away either. The mind is a very useful tool.

What I am saying is that thoughts are most powerful when they follow Love’s lead.


Jump in!!

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