NU Project | Baring It All

Hello, happy shiny people!

It’s been a while since I’ve written here. How have you been?

On my side, it’s been pretty hectic.

Between finalizing details for the upcoming retreat in Belize, and launching Velvet Butter, a new body care product line that focuses on self-appreciation… I haven’t had much time to write anything else.

However, I’ve been very fortunate to have been photographed by Matt Blum for the NU Project.

I’m super excited about it because it’s so aligned with Naked Wellness’ message of knowing how beautiful we are, no matter what we look like. And how when we drop pretenses (and the masks we wear, be it hiding how we really feel or plastering on cake-layers of make up, and using contraptions to hide what our body really looks like), our inner radiance shows up like a delicious explosion.

If you don’t believe me, head on over to their website and take a look at their galleries. These women are every shape, size and color and they are all stunning.

Why? Because they’re being open and vulnerable and REAL.

And, let me tell you, the photoshoot with Matt was sooooo much fun!

And yes, it definitely left me a little jittery from the adrenaline of feeling vulnerable afterwards. Let alone when the pictures went online!

The urge to pick my body apart was battling the powerful display of my beauty, and radiance and sheer freedom in those pictures.

So what if my cellulite shows, or my thighs look large when I’m sitting??

It’s all gorgeous!

Whew! What a rush!

That is the kind of juicy vulnerability that comes up when we are leaning on our edge.

When we are stepping out of our comfort zone to live a life that’s bigger than we’ve led so far.

And that’s why I said yes.

While my offerings focus around self-love and embracing every bit of ourselves (physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual), having nude pictures of myself online for everyone else to see add a whole other layer of nakedness, vulnerability and uncertainty.

What will people think? Would it be pushing the limits for my clients? What if a guy I’m dating googles me and finds these? What will the people at my synagogue think? And my parents???

I have no way of knowing what the consequences will be. Maybe it changes how people see me. Maybe in a good way… Maybe in a judgmental way.

Probably both.

Some people will admire me for it, and hopefully be inspired to get out of their comfort zone in some way. Others will judge me and think I’m exposing myself unnecessarily.

And my practice, as with any time we are revealing something we don’t usually let others see, is to be ok with that and stand strong in my principles and my view of myself.

Plus, asides from being a practice in walking my talk for myself, I hope my posing for the NU Project inspires other women (and people in general) to see the beauty in everyone exactly as they are.

Hiding nothing.


In an effort to push the edge a bit further for myself (and teach by example), here I am, announcing it to all. (Ay!)

In addition, Naked Wellness is collaborating with the NU Project on their blog, where they’ve republished my Love Letter to My Body to share it with thousands of women who could benefit from writing a letter like this to their own beautiful vessel.

Go ahead, write your own!

For bonus points, you can leave an appreciation note for your own body in the comments. You have no idea how sharing your experience inspires others!

[Needless to say, I feel pretty vulnerable about posting this. Please be gentle when commenting.

More than anything, I want to know about your relationship with yourself and your body, what you think of Velvet Butter and/or the NU Project, or your reactions to the letter. Thanks!]


2 thoughts on “NU Project | Baring It All

  1. Gosh! As much as I’d like to leave a body-appreciating comment, I would like to tell you how much I liked your ‘Love Letter to My Body’! I loved reading it and just wanted to ask if I may use it for a monologue in my Theatre class, all credit to you, of course.


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