Expert at Nothing

Hello, lovelies!

Happy 2014!

Last night, I arrived at Ak’bol, the resort in Belize where I’m hosting my latest retreat (starting tomorrow!) in collaboration with Valerie Greene.

What can I say? There’s something about the combination of tropical climates, beach, and lovely welcoming friendly island-type people that gets me right back to my center.

This morning, my body so very naturally unfurled into my mantra and yoga practice, and it was delicious. So much devotion and love for myself poured through, so much gratitude for having brought myself to this place and this moment!

To feel the stirrings of my becoming aligned with my natural rhythms again…

I haven’t felt this aligned in ages, and it’s quite literally divine.

Then, I headed down to the beach restaurant where my body asked for a healthy meal of scrambled eggs and veggies, and continued my day by laying out to soak up the sun on the pier.

As I lay there, slathered in coconut oil as usual, this thought struck me:


With a lack of a sense of urgency, I have a natural talent for laying about enjoying the present moment and being curious about what’s in fort of me.

I’m never bored, always exploring within or without, or practicing patience and trusting the process.

I tend to struggle with how to define what I offer and the thought that I could be the Expert at Nothing (as in ‘more being, less doing’ and allowing ourselves to be undefined, unfolding into ourselves every moment with trust) tickled me very much.

What do you think?

Sending you warmth from the tropics,




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