Naked Wellness

Naked Wellness is dedicated to your being more comfortable in your own skin, mind, body and spirit.

My interest is not in changing or ‘fixing’ you, but on guiding you as you learn to create the conditions for the REAL, SENSUAL and FREE you to come out.

I want you to feel confident, sexy and empowered in your own skin and in your life so that you can go out and create a life you absolutely love.

The Full-Bodied Expression package is for you if you…

  • Look in the mirror and wish you loved what you see
  • Feel like you’re always trying to keep up, get everything done and make everyone else happy
  • Are tired of staying in the box of how you ‘should’ be, look or behave
  • Can’t shake the feeling that there must be more to life than ‘this’
  • Are ready to stop looking for external validation of how worthy, lovable or desirable you are and start finding your power from within

In short, Full-Bodied Expression is for those who are feeling bottled up by ideas of who they should be and how they should look or behave, but are ready to let go of the beliefs and fears that are holding them back and start creating a life that actually feels fulfilling, fearless and fun.

A sample of real results reported by recent clients:

  • Learning to love their body and feel confident no matter how much they weigh or what they look like
  • Unexpectedly falling in love with someone that gets them completely and they feel they can grow old with
  • Getting clear on what’s missing and taking action to rectify it
  • Moving into a new home that feels more supportive and aligned with them
  • Developing their creativity and making viable businesses out of it
  • Re-connecting with a current partner in a way that feels deeper and hotter

The Full-Bodied Expression program is designed to lay strong foundations of self-worth, self-expression and confidence that create a positive ripple effect in all areas of your life.

 The Embodied Freedom discovery session is usually $100, but you can receive it for FREE when you complete the application


I’d love to support you in kicking routine self-criticism and body shame to the curb.

All that energy you spend judging yourself, being scared of not being lovable or losing respect, and holding in your thoughts, opinions and desires can be put to much better use creating a fantastic life that is aligned with what YOU (not your parents, not your culture) want!

With love and gratitude always,


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