Photo by Orin Hahn

Photo by Orin Hahn

I love to support my clients in reconnecting with their body through daily self-appreciation practices, one of which is making the time in their day to caress their body and show it some love to counteract all the negative self-talk we give it throughout the day.

I personally love to do this while I moisturize, and given that there were no all-natural alcohol-free moisturizers in the market, I started making my own and offering it to clients as part of my packages.

Well,… they loved it so much that they wanted to buy it outside of my packaged programs and recommend it to their friends.


The first line of body-positive self-care products was born, packaged in gorgeous bottles to remind you of your worthiness and beauty.

They are meant to be seen… Just like you.


Learn more about Velvet Butter


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