Sweet Action

Have you gotten any action lately?

Listen. Talk is great.

Words are great.

They are awesome tools for communication. They help clarify things. They can make order from chaos and lead to important insights.

After all, they are what I’m using right now to get in touch with you.

But you know what?

Sometimes they get in the way.

Sometimes they keep us stuck in the analysis.

You can talk and talk and taaalk. But you’re still stuck.

You can spend hours (or even days!) analyzing, but you’re still in contemplation mode and nowhere near getting some action.

I know this because I’ve been there.

In fact, sometimes I’m still there.

I think, and think, and thiiiiiiiink… And then it’s hard to get my ass in gear.

But I stumbled upon some fabulous ways to get out of my mind and into my body.

Ways that allow me to spring into action from an authentic place that comes from deep inside instead of forcing myself to “do what I should be doing.”

These body-based techniques by-pass the thinking brain and all the ‘reasons why not’ which are keeping you stuck. They allow you to let go of what is holding you back, reach an integrated state where you feel at completely at ease with yourself, and are able to take the necessary steps you’ve been wanting to take but haven’t been able to for so fucking long.

And it’s not even a chore! My clients tell me it just comes naturally, because there is a shift that happens deep within.

This is not about being brave, feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

This physical approach to destuckifying and awesome-izing fills you with freedom and with courage, a word that comes from the word “cor” in Latin, meaning “heart.”

What this means is that these techniques increase your drive to act from your heart, which has nothing to do with fear.

You act, because it’s the right thing to do.

Things that were uncomfortable before no longer are, and you start expressing yourself in your choices, words and actions more freely.

Fear is transmuted into excitement and energy and passion.

Pulling your mind, body and heart resources together behind one aim, this East meets West approach combines talk and much (much!) needed action.

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