What does food have to do with achieving my dreams???

It occurs to me that you might be a bit confused as to what exactly nutrition has to do with all this business of getting naked and shedding the layers of unhealthy conditioning.

For some of you, the connection is obvious.

For others, not so much.

That’s ok.

And it’s why we’re going to talk about it here.


So… What’s the connection?

Well, aside from all the getting comfortable with being who you are and how you go about life (we could call it nakedness of mind and spirit), there’s also the getting comfortable with how you look and feel in your body.

And you do want to feel comfortable in your body, right?

This could mean losing weight, or toning up, or perhaps just learning to love your shape as it is. Oftentimes, it also means curing or managing an ailment or disease.

Or getting rid of that nagging feeling of emptiness in your stomach, even when you’re about to burst from your last meal.

Going up the stairs without feeling like you’re waging war or gravity to lift your legs is also part of it.

Most importantly, being comfortable in your body means that your body works the way it was intended, and this feels positively delicious.

It feels right.

Nutrition plays a very important role in that.


What we eat is what makes up our body. If we’re eating crap, well… Our body is not going to thank us for it.

It will feel like crap. And act like crap.

Lethargic, tense, hungry for real nourishment.

Does this sound familiar?

It should, because it parallels how we feel when we are not living the life we want.

That miserable lack of enthusiasm, energy, and passion for life.

If you stop and think about it, being comfortable in our body plays a large role in how we go about life.

And it makes sense that it would be reflected in how we feel throughout the day, and therefore whether or not we will feel the strength and confidence to go after our dreams.

When we eat right for our body, it sings!

It backs you up with energy and power and a feeling of being unstoppable.

This is why it’s so important and powerful to integrate the body along with the mind and the spirit in the work of unfurling into the truest expression of our selves.

All of these aspects are interrelated.

One feeds into the other.

What we eat feeds our body, which is then able to support us as we assertively move towards our goals.

On the flip side, when we feed our souls with projects and activities that truly satisfy us, we will no longer be reaching for that pint of ice cream or bag of chips at the end (or middle!) of a long day.

I’m here to support the whole you.



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