You and Me

You might or might not know what you need to do to get out of this feeling of missing out on life. This feeling of numbness… But something is stopping you.

Perhaps that voice inside of you is telling you you’re not even good enough to try. Or that you don’t even know where to start. Or that even if you do, you will fail miserably and be left all alone with no one to pick up the pieces.

That’s why I am here.

I will be your cheerleader, so that you feel empowered to take this on.

Your coach, so that you’re held accountable and have someone to push you out of self- imposed limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you.

Your guide, shining light on your blind spots, holding your hand, and showing you the way.

I will be there for you as you go through the journey of self-acceptance.

As you let go of the old you, and build yourself anew with increased energy, confidence, health, playfulness, inspiration, pleasure and the kind of passion for life that makes you want to shout from the top of a mountain.

Or laugh for no reason.

Each one of you is different and how I work with you will vary. You might want a stand alone session, or a long-term program in which we work together to shed the patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you and incorporate ones that do. Or anything in between.

And if you feel like just dipping your toe in and checking me out live in NYC, join me for one of my weekly classes listed on the ‘Upcoming Events’ section of the sidebar. These classes are designed to create a safe space to slow down, relax deeply, and reconnect with your body and its wisdom in a healing and healthy way.

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