Read Me

Aww, honey…. I know. I know.

Don’t take it personally.

I know you know that everything I offer is done with the best of intentions, never meant to harm you and you would never sue me. You’re just not that kind of person.

But my lawyers want me to cover my ass anyway. So here goes the typical boring…


The techniques and concepts taught by Naked Wellness and Melody Kiersz are not intended to be a substitute for medical/professional advice or treatment.

While Melody’s training/certification/background is pretty varied and includes psychology, interpersonal communication, studies in happiness, a whole host of workshops, and certifications in holistic health counseling and yoga, she is not a formally trained therapist.

This does not mean Melody doesn’t know what she is talking about, but it does mean that the client will take responsibility for whatever he/she does with the information and techniques that Melody teaches and writes about.

My Intention

To share my knowledge, skills, and experience as a teacher, counselor and practitioner of what I teach.

My hope is to ignite that spark inside of you that already knows all of this, so that you can go out and share your true self with the world. We’re all cheering you on!

Ok… Enough Legalese!


*All content © Melody Kiersz 2015.

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