I’m feeling sad and angry

Woke up feeling sad and pissed off. And I’m not going to ‘fix’ it.

Sometimes (most times, I would argue), you just need to let the feelings be instead of judging them and calling them wrong.

Trying to manage and change your emotional experience all the time not only is exhausting, but also sends a signal to yourself that you’re not ok as you are.

That there’s something wrong with you for feeling the way you feel.

And even when you have no clue why you’re feeling that way, it’s best to practice acceptance of what is.

It’s a practice of self-love, no matter how you feel.

And the other gift it brings, asides from confidence, freedom and enjoyment, is that in letting yourself feel the feeling, you gain insights on yourself and your patterns that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Don’t chop yourself off from your feelings.

It’s inflicting self-violence and it only leads to fragmentation and disconnection.

So take a deep breath, and feel what’s there to feel without judgment.

I promise you’ll feel massive amounts of self-love, gratitude, and love for people and life.



Wake Up with Me

I recently committed to 3 hours of movement per week.

My body has been asking for it, and I’ve been much too sedentary since I’ve been working so much with my computer.

I fell into a rut of feeling too tired to exercise, which was enabling a downward spiral of staying put >> low energy >> staying put.

I did pretty goody the first week, but it felt constraining after, and I’ve been moving around so much that making it to the gym has been a bit of a challenge.

I thought my commitment to movement had to be something like working out at the gym or some formal class.

Instead of giving up, I decided to include movement in all forms, and counting dance breaks and walks and stretching into the 3-hours per week commitment.

The last few days I started adding back a practice of stretching and dancing in the morning, to warm up my muscles, wake up my body and ground into it to start the day deliciously.

This is the result:


I’ve found, or rather ‘re-membered,’ that this morning ritual shifts completely whatever I was feeling, that I can tap into the wisdom in my body, and it wakes up my appetite for something healthy and nourishing, as opposed to some sweet treat in the morning.

It frees up my back, I feel lighter and more nimble, and it sets me up to make decisions based on what is good for me instead of what feels good in the moment.

I find myself fighting less with myself and having to use my will power a lot less. Instead, I just feel like doing what I need to be doing for myself.

It’s fantastic, and I’m so happy I’m remembering this practice and feel so committed to continuing it.

And it occurred to me, that perhaps you’d like to come along for the ride.

Soooo…. I’ve been toying with the idea of a series called Wake Up With Melody, where I post a video of my morning routine, share about the music, and thoughts on current events and something to inspire you.

What do you think? What kinds of things would you like to see in this series?

Don’t be shy! Let me know in the comments!

And if you’d like to receive these, please sign up for the mailing list here.

This is your formal invitation into a more intimate slice of my life, where you get to wake up with me and maybe dance along.

Big love and gratitude always,



How I Got Started

Hello, darlings!

I get asked a lot how I got started with what I do, so I figured I’d share it here.

If you’re in any way inspired by me and feel a wee bit jealous (it’s ok!) wishing you could do the same, let me tell you…

I used to have the same feeling about others, telling myself I couldn’t do what they do or didn’t have the courage or whatever other excuse I made up to stay in my comfort zone.

Yes, comfortable… but miserable!

What changed?

I enrolled into the Institute for Integrative Nutrition‘s one year health coaching certification program and it was the one of the most empowering experience of my life.

Why am I sharing this?

Because if you have been looking for a change in your life and are interested in holistic health and sustainability, enrolling into the program between August 15 -18th will get you the following:
1) $200 SpaFinder Gift Card
2) $300 Tuition Reimbursement
3) FREE VIP seating at IIN’s live September conference in NYC with guest speakers & wellness experts: Deepak Chopra, Mark Hyman, Joshua Rosenthal & many more!

I cannot stress how amazing the experience was, and how grateful I am every day that I took a chance and enrolled.

If you’ve been twiddling your thumbs, not sure how to get started but knowing you have to do something…

Stop twiddling and pick up the phone!

To jump on this opportunity, call the IIN Admissions office at 877.730.5444 and tell them Melody Kiersz sent you.

Believe me, you’ll look back and be so happy you did!

From Numb to Orgasmic: Part 1 (Without Drugs!)

You know that feeling?

The way you feel life is passing you by and you’re just going through the motions? When you feel distant, disconnected from your body, your emotions, and the people in your life?

Yeah… nothing quite gets to you so you don’t get upset much.

But there’s something missing…

What is it?

Perhaps if you stop to consider, life seems a blur. Nothing stands out… Everything is a bit… muted.

Toned down.

How did that happen?

Sometimes, in the quest to stop feeling our ‘negative emotions’ so much, we distract ourselves. We numb ourselves out.

Common and well-known ways to do this are watching TV, playing video games, shopping, eating, drinking, drugs, pain-killers… even working can become a distraction when we do it excessively.

But… Has it ever occurred to you that maybe too much ‘thinking’ can also be a numbing agent?

When we’re involved so much with our left brain, explaining, analyzing, rationalizing, justifying, evaluating… we don’t leave much room to take in our life from different avenues.

Our body, our senses, our emotions…

Aghhh! But that’s what we were trying to avoid, right?

Our emotions!

We don’t want to feel so deeply and, our body, being the interface through which that happens (because emotions are nothing but sensations in the body that are triggered by thoughts), also gets left aside in the process.

We breath shallowly, avoiding getting our breath all the way into our belly, lest it awaken some unwanted feeling in that emotional center of our body.

We analyze everything that happens around us to death, because it’s much easier than allowing ourselves to feel the slef-doubt, anger, sadness, or feeling of separatedness, of being different.

So life becomes less vibrant. Less… alive, because we are leaving a whole side of ourselves behind.

We create that split in ourselves, precisely by allowing ourselves to take life in only through a part of us.

So how do we reverse this?


This is the true meaning of ‘yoga,’ an ancient practice aimed at aligning our whole selves with our center.

You might know it as those weird positions that make your body hurt in places you didn’t know existed.

But there’s much more to yoga than that. It’s not just the weird positions, but a way of life.

The same goes for Taj Chi, Chi Gong, and many other forms of martial arts.

These are systems that were developed to foster a more integrated life.

You could take advantage of that and start your own practice.

But it’s not necessary.

You can also start becoming aware of in which ways you numb yourself out, and perhaps choose to allow yourself to feel whatever is running through you without trying to explain it away.

And through you it runs, because nothing is permanent so you can be sure this feeling is only temporary as well.

When you do that, you will notice that you feel more integrated and at peace, because there is no longer a nasty part of you you’re trying to hide from yourself.

This is a practice of self-love, allowing yourself to be you in your totality.

To be whole.


Jump in!

What are some of the practices you use to feel more whole?


I’ve decided I’m going to stop skirting around it and say it.




Yes, that’s a big part of what I teach.


I didn’t want to say the word because a lot of people have misconceptions about what Tantra actually is, but I’m tired of talking around the word.


All this talk about turning you on, making you horny…. Well, it comes from an understanding that we can harness our sexual energy, the energy that drives life, and utilize it for a purpose other than just stress relief (i.e. orgasmus vulgaricus…. Just made that one up).


Isn’t Tantra about just having really great, “spiritual” sex?


No. Yes. Sort of, but not exactly.


Tantra is about acceptance of the whole.


There’s not one iota of you that isn’t perfect in its imperfection, and Tantra aims at having a continuous experience of the knowledge of this.


Of full self-acceptance. Self-love that allows us to love others more fully as well.


It also aims at our two most important drives, namely, the drive towards life (sex) and the drive away from death.


We want to transcend both, in order to not feel like we’re either running towards or running away from something all the time.


This way, we can live in our center. We can be steadier in any situation.


So, on that side of the equation, Tantra isn’t so much concerned with sex itself as it is about sexual energy, how to increase it and what to do with it. How we can use it to improve our lives,…


And feel more whole.


Oof…. That was liberating!

Nutrition: Make Your Salad Exciting ~ Peach-Basil Vinaigrette

Garden of Eve, the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm I am a member of, has been showering us with peaches all season.

I thought I couldn’t handle even one more peach in my system, but it turns out I was wrong.

I just couldn’t handle it in peach form, or in smoothie form. But I had ran out of the delicious honey-mustard vinaigrette I usually make, and I felt like having something new.

And so, the peach-basil vinaigrette recipe I’m about to share with you was born.

After posting an update on my Facebook and Twitter about my new invention, I got such a great response from everyone that I decided so much curiosity should be rewarded.

Super easy, refreshing and yummy, this vinaigrette will add another dimension to your salads.

Let’s get to the health info first

With all the Vitamins C, B1, B2, B9, betacarotenes, and minerals such as iron and potassium, peaches are great for skin, cardiovascular and kidney health. They make you glow, help regulate intestinal and hepatic functions, lower cholesterol and maintain alkalinity in the blood.

Plus, they are deliciously sweet and, combined with the freshness of the basil, make a killer salad dressing.

So what about the basil?

Well, this fragrant herb has been shown to protect cell structures and chromosomes from radiation and oxygen damage, as well  as having anti-bacterial properties that will ensure that your greens can be safely eaten when you add it to your salad. Basil’s volatile oils can also work as an anti-inflammatory, as they block the same enzyme as OTC medications such as ibuprofen, naproxen and acetaminophen.

Like the peaches, basil is also packed with betacarotenes in the form of pro-Vitamn A which act as antioxidants against free radicals.

Lastly, the high amounts of magnesium in basil help cardiovascular health by encouraging muscles and blood vessels to relax resulting in better blood flow.

Now that you know that this salad dressing both delightfully yummy and give your health a boost, let me show you exactly how stupidly easy this is to make.

The recipe


1 peach (peeled and pitted)

2 leaves of fresh basil

1 1/2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

Salt to taste (you can add pepper if you want as well, though I didn’t think it needed it)


Just dunk all the ingredients in the blender and blend away.

That’s it!


Well, look at that! This is a pretty short post, especially considering that mine tend to be neverending.

Ok. ok.

I’m gonna hit ‘publish’ before I figure out a way to make it longer.

10 Reasons Why I Will Rock Your World ( and One Why I Won’t)

The past few weeks, I’ve been doubting my place here. Wondering if I’m mistaken in thinking that what I have to offer is needed.

I write, but no one is moved enough to post a comment. I go out to events, hand out my card when people ask for it… And then nothing.

It feels like, as much as I know I have something important to contribute, the city doesn’t want me here. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make it so hard for me to stay.

I’m just really tired of this rollercoaster of things looking like they might finally happen, only to be let down again. And again.

It makes me mad. Especially at myself, because I could be doing more instead of sitting here and moping about how fickle people are. So…


That’s it! I’m coming out of the closet!

I’m sick and tired of feeling invisible!

People tell me all the time how I’m supposed to sell you what you want, and give you what you need.

Basically, coat the bitter pill in peanut butter so you will buy it.

But you know what?

I can’t! It doesn’t seem right, and I refuse to do that sort of thing even if it, ultimately, would benefit you.

I just cannot compromise my principles like that. After all, what kind of honesty role model would I be if I did?

While I haven’t done that, what I have been doing is keeping it meek. Quiet.


But I’m sick of that shit!

Of course it’s threatening! We are talking about changing your whole self here. Giving up what was before. Bringing in something new.

And that brings on the major scary.

And it’s not just the “change is scary” kind of scary.

I mean, there will be no more hiding under ignorance. Or shame.


There will be nowhere to hide once you become more aware. No more escape.

 But there will also be amazing transformation. A rebirth of inner peace, passion, joy, confidence, playfulness, abundance… Freedom!

And the only thing you would be giving up is your old crappy habits and crappy life anyway.

Who wouldn’t want a trade like that?


So… The 10 reasons why I will ROCK your world:

1.      You will literally be rocked. To your core. And shaking in fear of letting go. No, it’s not fun (though it is liberating)… Until you learn to enjoy the ride.

2.      But in the meantime, I will be there to guide and support you as you let go of one trapeze bar and fly through the air to catch the other one. Just like a mother watching over her baby in a rocking crib.

3.      I ask the right questions. The ones that keep you honest with yourself, bring you deep down to the real reasons why you operate the way you do. The type of questions that give you priceless insights that enable you to get down to do some real work on yourself and get results. Lose that weight, start those tango lessons, go back to your long-ignored artistic pursuits,  launch that project or even (gulp!) business, improve your relationships, boost your conficence and energy,… Ahhh, countless benefits!

4.      I listen. When was the last time someone really listened to you? I pay attention to what you’re saying and acknowledge your truth without trying to intervene with my own story. This is about YOU.

5.      I really listen. I listen to what you’re saying behind the words, the things that you don’t even know you’re trying to say. I hear your very essence and reflect it back to you.

Which brings me to…

6.      Feedback. There will be lots of it. From your body, from your mind, from your emotions… And from me. I keep it honest, and I keep it real. You won’t get any BS from me because I won’t tell you what you want to hear. It doesn’t work that way.

7.      I will guide you to set your goals, and work steadily to achieve them in a step-by-step, non-threatening and non-overwhelming way. You will be amazed at how easy implementing the changes you’ve been wanting to make forever actually is. This comes with shedding all those layers of conditioning that prevented you from even giving it a serious try.

8.      In turn, you will see results. You will feel better. Have more energy and confidence. Recharge. Gain the strength necessary to tackle the projects you’ve been wanting to do for ages, and the passion and drive to go for it without looking back. Because you deserve it.

The next reason why I will rock your world is because…

9).      I’m awesome. I’m grounded, centered, generous, intelligent, funny, compassionate, honest, authentic, inspiring, strong, powerful and Woman (with a capital W, so don’t mess with me!)

Yes. I said it. And now you’re thinking, “arrogant, much?” No. Just confident. I know my power, I know what I’m good at. This is it.

10.  You’re skeptical. You still think I’m being cocky. But part of you wants to have that confidence and power too. You can! I’ll be your personal cheerleader and coach rolled into one.


And now, for the one reason why I WON’T be rocking your world…

1.      This one is simple. I won’t rock your world because you haven’t hired me…

… Yet.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re really really ready to let go of the past and jump into your exciting new life,…

If you’re sick and tired of same old, same old,…

If you’re itching for powerful change and to shift gears in your life,…

If you’re seriously ready to show up and finally live…

Well, only then, contact me. I don’t like working with pussies.