Wake Up with Me

I recently committed to 3 hours of movement per week.

My body has been asking for it, and I’ve been much too sedentary since I’ve been working so much with my computer.

I fell into a rut of feeling too tired to exercise, which was enabling a downward spiral of staying put >> low energy >> staying put.

I did pretty goody the first week, but it felt constraining after, and I’ve been moving around so much that making it to the gym has been a bit of a challenge.

I thought my commitment to movement had to be something like working out at the gym or some formal class.

Instead of giving up, I decided to include movement in all forms, and counting dance breaks and walks and stretching into the 3-hours per week commitment.

The last few days I started adding back a practice of stretching and dancing in the morning, to warm up my muscles, wake up my body and ground into it to start the day deliciously.

This is the result:


I’ve found, or rather ‘re-membered,’ that this morning ritual shifts completely whatever I was feeling, that I can tap into the wisdom in my body, and it wakes up my appetite for something healthy and nourishing, as opposed to some sweet treat in the morning.

It frees up my back, I feel lighter and more nimble, and it sets me up to make decisions based on what is good for me instead of what feels good in the moment.

I find myself fighting less with myself and having to use my will power a lot less. Instead, I just feel like doing what I need to be doing for myself.

It’s fantastic, and I’m so happy I’m remembering this practice and feel so committed to continuing it.

And it occurred to me, that perhaps you’d like to come along for the ride.

Soooo…. I’ve been toying with the idea of a series called Wake Up With Melody, where I post a video of my morning routine, share about the music, and thoughts on current events and something to inspire you.

What do you think? What kinds of things would you like to see in this series?

Don’t be shy! Let me know in the comments!

And if you’d like to receive these, please sign up for the mailing list here.

This is your formal invitation into a more intimate slice of my life, where you get to wake up with me and maybe dance along.

Big love and gratitude always,



My Workshop on the Huffington Post!

I woke up today and, against my best judgment, grabbed my phone.

Usually, it’s not such a great idea because it’s much better to start my day with some intentionality. With some ritual that centers me, aligns me, connects me to myself and my desires for the day.

But, today was different.

It’s not every day that you wake up to your Self-Appreciation workshop being mentioned in the Huffington Post!


When asked about her favorite activity, Lee answered the Self-Appreciation Workshop.

“It was beautiful to see people appreciate certain aspects of their body and then we all went around and commented on each person to let them know what we saw and liked about their body. In a world where we are constantly held to impossible beauty standards and photoshopping and have this culture of body shame, it was a beautiful thing to see women and men only speak lovingly and highly of bodies.”

Perhaps most important, adults felt free and safe to express their emotions without fear of guilt or judgment. “There were a great percentage of men at camp and it was beautiful to witness so many men showing their vulnerability,” Lee added.


I taught this particular workshop a couple of weeks ago at Connection Camp, a sleepaway camp for adults that is all about boosting your connection with yourself, with others, with nature, and with your body.

While there were many different workshops, some were a bit more on the fun side and some more on the transformational side.

Mine fell firmly into this last category, as it centered around focused appreciation exercises that eventually led to each person courageously stepping up to share what they appreciate about their body, and then receiving what each person in the group appreciated about their body as well.

Pretty simple, eh?

Yes, but so very powerful!

[I often find the most powerful practices are actually the ones without much hullabaloo].

We are so used to and conditioned to think of and share with others about the parts of our bodies we don’t like, the parts we are so critical about. To speak out loud the parts you do like is a revolutionary act, and actually quite vulnerable.

At some point, the desire to hide comes up, the thought that everyone will think you’re full of yourself or the fear that they won’t like you because of one reason or another.

It’s a very visceral experience.

But then the magic happens when the group gets to share what they appreciate in your body.

It’s not about ‘I love your butt!’

There’s so much more than that. There’s a developing about appreciation for subtler dips, valleys, swells, textures, colors, angularity or curves.

I’m so grateful to everyone that showed up so fully and powerfully for the workshop. It was a pleasure, an honor and a joy to witness each of the participants shine brighter and brighter as they got acknowledged for their already ever-present radiance and inner/outer beauty.

Thanks to Jen Lee for your wonderful words. I’m so happy the workshop had such a positive impact!

Thanks to Taylor Butch for writing the article.

And thanks to Amy Silverman and Jen JJ Kovacevich for putting together such an amazing experience at Connection Camp.

Yay for self-love and connection!



If you feel you could use a healthier connection to your body, check out my offerings or one of my live weekly classes in NYC (find them in the ‘Upcoming Events’ section of the sidebar).

The Most Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift is NOT Self-Love

Hi Lovers!

It’s been a rollercoaster ride the last couple years, but I had a pretty huge epiphany recently that the reason I haven’t been s clear and powerful as I had in the past (or that’s how I see it anyway) is that I haven’t been being honest with myself.

I’ve been scared of my own self-judgment, and that has made me so sensitive and reactive to that of others. Even when it’s not judgment but loving constructive criticism, I haven’t been able to receive it because it requires me to look at the stuff that I don’t want to see.

All the stuff I’m not liking about myself.

All the stuff that’s lurking underneath, which I cannot see.

The stuff I’m ashamed of, but I don’t know it yet.

Whenever someone tries to help me and support me in my pursuit of happiness, I feel really stressed out and vulnerable and I want to push them away.

I get defensive because, to me, it’s as if they were saying “Hey! Look at this! Look at all the stuff that’s wrong with you that you’re trying really hard not to see!’

Ugh. And I really don’t want to see it… But I can’t keep going like this because I’m hurting myself by doing so. I’m shooting myself in the foot.

So, I’ve arrived at this place again, where I get to practice looking inwards paired with not making myself wrong in the deepest of ways.

As I say, just cuz I don’t like it, it doesn’t mean I cannot love it.

This means that self-love alone is not enough.

As powerful as positive affirmations can be, we’re not really loving ourselves if we’re glossing over the things we have a hard time looking at with an ‘I love myself.

No matter how sincere it is and how much we want to believe it, if the shame or criticism is deep enough, saying that will only trigger thoughts of how that’s not true.


Really loving ourselves takes the courage to look at all our shit, and once we’re clear on what it is we are NOT loving, only then can we start developing our compassion for ourselves.

Start to soften our harshness and self-judgment and drop the self-criticism, even while we don’t make ourselves wrong for criticizing ourselves.

And only after THAT, can we begin to have the conversations we need to have with these parts of ourselves. Practice some deep listening to see what they are scared of, what it is that they serve.

There’s always some way in which these little voices of criticism are trying to protect us, or serve a deep need.

And by knowing what that need is, we can come up with a healthier way to fulfill it that doesn’t get in the way of our living a life that we really love.

Developing that business.
Meeting that life partner.
Creating our masterpiece.
Having deeply satisfying friendships.
Putting ourselves out in the world.

On this Valentine’s Day, make sure you practice some REAL self-love by making some time to get honest with yourself.


So let’s be honest… What’s the thing you’re not wanting to look at? What’s the reason you don’t want to see it?

In the upcoming posts, I’ll be looking at all the ways we keep ourselves from being true to ourselves and why. And as I go through the process of untangling myself, I will also share what I’m doing to develop the courage to stop running away and look within.

Stay tuned.

Putting the Slow First

As I lay in the sauna with nothing to do except breathe and sweat, I heard it.

It sounded like a whisper at first, but as I noticed it became loud and clear:

You haven’t been paying attention  to me.

That’s what my body was saying.

I was quite surprised. I had been feeling out of alignment and was doing everything I knew to get back into it: eating healthy, exercising, even self-care practices like the sauna…

But it was rote.

I had been going through the motions of what I thought would get me back in touch, the things that had worked in the past.

But I wasn’t really listening.

There was always a barrage of things going through my mind at the same time I did all these things. All the things that I should be doing, that needed to get done.

All the while, my body had been screaming that I needed to slow down but I kept not paying attention because… well, shit needed to get done, bills paid, and slowing down was not an option.

I’d been operating from an ‘I know better’ capacity from my mind, totally immersed on trying to control my experience instead of listening to the wisdom within.

Even I, professing about the wisdom in the body and listening to it, even I fell into this hamster wheel of how things ‘should be’ so I can get the things I want.

I laugh because… Oh, the irony!

I used to teach that slowing down needed to come first and these were the exact things my clients used to tell me.

And I would say that slowing down is how we reconnect and recharge and get clear so all that action is focused instead of all over the place.

Slowing down makes our minds clearer and gets us in touch with another source of intelligence, our bodies. We get more creative and make better decisions which are more fulfilling; we feel more at peace and focused action comes from a place of inspiration instead of from anxiety, stress, and seeking approval.

And it’s still true, but I had forgotten.

Slow and steady wins the race

Slow and steady wins the race

I hadn’t been trusting that wisdom in my body, but when somehow I heard that faint whisper in the sauna… tears started streaming down my cheeks because I remembered.


It’s not worth it to get the things you want, but not be able to enjoy them because your thoughts are telling you something is not perfect or to get on to the next thing that just appeared in your list.

There’s no enjoyment in that, and life will always feel like a never-ending list of tasks if lived that way.

I’m not bashing the mind; it’s an incredible tool. But it needs to be applied where appropriate and not where it’s not.

And I’ve not been doing a good job of distinguishing that.

Sometimes we need to buckle down and just get shit done even if it’s not what we feel like doing, but that’s not where the difference lies.

The difference is in whether we’re taking action out of creativity or out of trying to compensate for a perceived lack.

The first one will feel great even if we don’t feel like doing the proverbial ass-in-chair method, the second one will always feel draining in the end because we’re chasing the dragon of approval, ours or someone else’s.

Practicing slowing down and putting everything that needs to ‘get done’ aside is an excellent way to fill ourselves up with that approval and self-acceptance that we don’t need to be anything other than what we are right now, so that our actions can come from a place of offering instead of taking.

And so what if progress is slower? It’s still progress and it will feel a hell of a lot better throughout the journey and when we get ‘there’.

It’s time to put the slow first.

Will you join me?

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I would love to know what comes up for you when you’re asked to slow down.

For me, the fear is that I won’t get the things I want and I’ll have wasted my life doing nothing. Yet I’ve tried it both ways and seen that it’s not worth it when I get what I want but cannot appreciate it.

There is a precious integration that happens when we can get our ass-in-chair out of inspiration and commitment instead of a perceived sense that we lack something to be lovable or successful.

Your turn to share!

The fucking number on the scale (and how I stop myself from letting it rule my life)



That’s how much I weigh right now.

I had just stepped off the elliptical, where I was having a grand time enjoying myself as I danced/worked out to Sade and Sir-Mix-a-Lot, and then had the great idea of weighing myself.


I knew I had gained some weight in the last couple of months due to some changes in my lifestyle, but I still felt sexy and attractive.

And seeing that number on the scale, even for me dear Lovers, was threatening to take all that goodness down.

I’m writing this post because you’ve often seen me write praise about my body parts and how much I love my body, but I don’t want to leave you with the impression that it’s always been like that.

I want to be very clear: I still have my insecurities. I am still at risk of being affected by this number.

I am not just blessed with natural confidence about my body image despite not matching the well-marketed version of beauty. I worked (and work) hard to earn it.

In moments like this, when my relationship to a number threatens my sense of self-esteem, I remind myself that just 5 seconds earlier I was enjoying the hell out of my body, feeling alive and sexy and having fun.

And my body weighed the same.

Why should a silly number make that difference?

And I simply don’t let it.

Instead, I think of how grateful I am for my body and how I was deriving so much pleasure from it seconds before. That is still possible; still available to me.

I consciously decouple my ability to enjoy life from how much I weigh, because they have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

It’s just how I relate to that number that threatens my pleasure and joy, not the number itself.

So I get compassionate about it.

I hear myself being upset about it and don’t make myself wrong for it.

I listen to the fears and insecurities of what that part of myself thinks it means that I gained this weight. That I’m less worthy in some way. Less lovable. Less successful.

And while I listen, I also don’t believe it.

Because none of those are true.

I credit my ability to both be self-compassionate with myself and not make myself wrong for having these insecurities while also keeping myself clear with the reality that they are unfounded for my body confidence.

No, it’s not that I don’t have insecurities. They still crop up now and again.

But I don’t let them rule me and I keep my attention on what’s really true.

Soon enough, by virtue of not giving them credibility, the insecurities pass… and as my attention goes back to what’s real and pleasurable in the moment, I remember how much I love this body.

And myself.

Jump in!
Did you find this useful? What’s it like for you when you see that number on the scale?
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To Force or to Let Go?

Happy ChooseDay, Beloveds!

I’ve been pondering a lot on one of the biggest lessons I learned while I was long-term traveling abroad by myself for the first time.

Things come back in this ever shifting spiral of experiences that we call Life, always deepening the roots of the lessons we have to learn.

I had *trained* myself to be a ‘good spiritual person;’ someone who doesn’t judge or get angry, who is always compassionate, and coming from a place of ‘oneness.’

I had a healing from the wonderful Ciara Kirby, and all that was wiped off.

I found all the anger I didn’t even know I had inside, and found myself being easily irritated by the smallest things. Things that I would have brushed off so easily before, they wouldn’t even have registered as irritants.

I did not like it one bit.

And I was scared that I was going to be like this for the rest of my life.

I had to let go of my past self, but what if I didn’t like the me I would become?

I had to develop such strong trust and faith in the process.

In the end, everything I has *trained* myself into came about again, but naturally and not from who I thought I ‘should’ be.

In loving myself as I was, even in those dark places I hadn’t known in me before, I found there was room for the anger, and the judgment, and the compassion, and the ‘oneness.’

After all, how could there be compassion for others if I wasn’t compassionate towards my own human emotions?

This goes for everyone.

You can try to force yourself into becoming the person you think you should be, or you can let go, trust the process, and melt into the person you are meant to be.

We live in a society that’s very much about achieving through discipline and force.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There’s something beautiful and magical about the combination of letting go, and having trust, and having compassion for ourselves as we move through the process. It leads to a very powerful balance that feels right and true because we’re not shutting out any part of us.

We feel loved and enough because we are loved and enough by ourselves.

And that’s some powerful shit.


NU Project | Baring It All

Hello, happy shiny people!

It’s been a while since I’ve written here. How have you been?

On my side, it’s been pretty hectic.

Between finalizing details for the upcoming retreat in Belize, and launching Velvet Butter, a new body care product line that focuses on self-appreciation… I haven’t had much time to write anything else.

However, I’ve been very fortunate to have been photographed by Matt Blum for the NU Project.

I’m super excited about it because it’s so aligned with Naked Wellness’ message of knowing how beautiful we are, no matter what we look like. And how when we drop pretenses (and the masks we wear, be it hiding how we really feel or plastering on cake-layers of make up, and using contraptions to hide what our body really looks like), our inner radiance shows up like a delicious explosion.

If you don’t believe me, head on over to their website and take a look at their galleries. These women are every shape, size and color and they are all stunning.

Why? Because they’re being open and vulnerable and REAL.

And, let me tell you, the photoshoot with Matt was sooooo much fun!

And yes, it definitely left me a little jittery from the adrenaline of feeling vulnerable afterwards. Let alone when the pictures went online!

The urge to pick my body apart was battling the powerful display of my beauty, and radiance and sheer freedom in those pictures.

So what if my cellulite shows, or my thighs look large when I’m sitting??

It’s all gorgeous!

Whew! What a rush!

That is the kind of juicy vulnerability that comes up when we are leaning on our edge.

When we are stepping out of our comfort zone to live a life that’s bigger than we’ve led so far.

And that’s why I said yes.

While my offerings focus around self-love and embracing every bit of ourselves (physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual), having nude pictures of myself online for everyone else to see add a whole other layer of nakedness, vulnerability and uncertainty.

What will people think? Would it be pushing the limits for my clients? What if a guy I’m dating googles me and finds these? What will the people at my synagogue think? And my parents???

I have no way of knowing what the consequences will be. Maybe it changes how people see me. Maybe in a good way… Maybe in a judgmental way.

Probably both.

Some people will admire me for it, and hopefully be inspired to get out of their comfort zone in some way. Others will judge me and think I’m exposing myself unnecessarily.

And my practice, as with any time we are revealing something we don’t usually let others see, is to be ok with that and stand strong in my principles and my view of myself.

Plus, asides from being a practice in walking my talk for myself, I hope my posing for the NU Project inspires other women (and people in general) to see the beauty in everyone exactly as they are.

Hiding nothing.


In an effort to push the edge a bit further for myself (and teach by example), here I am, announcing it to all. (Ay!)

In addition, Naked Wellness is collaborating with the NU Project on their blog, where they’ve republished my Love Letter to My Body to share it with thousands of women who could benefit from writing a letter like this to their own beautiful vessel.

Go ahead, write your own!

For bonus points, you can leave an appreciation note for your own body in the comments. You have no idea how sharing your experience inspires others!

[Needless to say, I feel pretty vulnerable about posting this. Please be gentle when commenting.

More than anything, I want to know about your relationship with yourself and your body, what you think of Velvet Butter and/or the NU Project, or your reactions to the letter. Thanks!]

There is No There There


And it loves you!

One thing we hear a lot about this time of year is how to get back in shape for swimsuit season.

Diets, exercise, pills, weird experiments to trick our body into slimming down.

We wage war on our body to get it to look the way we think it should look in order to get what we want, whether it’s the hottie across the street, better job opportunities, our partner’s attention (or sometimes revenge on an ex), or just feeling better about ourselves when we look in the mirror.

We get into a cycle of restriction and control. Don’t eat this, don’t do that, say this thing not that, discipline, discipline, discipline.

This is what will get us there (whatever ‘there’ is, which seems to be some imaginary magical land where the skinny happy forever partying people without problems seem to live).

The thing is… There is no there there.

It doesn’t exist, yet we continually fight ourselves and our bodies to reach it.

I’m not saying there isn’t room for restraint, discipline and effort in this world.

But there is a difference between having these things out of commitment and pleasure instead of out our of ideas of how we should be in order to get the love, appreciation, and power we crave.

What would it be like if we started to listen to our desires, and acted from that place?

This morning, my body was very clear about its need to exercise before I got started with work.

So I took it to the gym.

Guess what? That means I get to be a lot more productive and focused because my body is happy.

When it’s hungry, I ask it what it really wants to eat. What would be the most nourishing thing for it?

It speaks.

But we rarely bother to pay attention to it because we have it that it’s against us, it doesn’t do what we want it to do.

Have you ever thought that perhaps you are not doing it justice either?

What would it be like if we struck a cease-fire and started peace talks with each other?

In my experience, the results of listening to and trusting the wisdom in my body have been

  • A lot more pleasure, not just physical but actually enjoying myself, what I’m doing and where I am
  • More productivity
  • A healthier attitude towards food
  • Actually craving exercise and movement
  • No more emotional eating
  • and, of course, this all results on actually shedding pounds.

The best way to get in shape for swimsuit season is actually to enjoy ourselves in exploring what makes our bodies happy. Regardless of whether weight drops or not, we will feel so much juicier about ourselves and life that it won’t matter:

The love, appreciation and power that we seek will be there anyway because it comes from ourselves.

AHHH! You CAN Have Too Many Insights!

Between all the opening of the last couple of days regarding my haircut and new and more vulnerable ways of being around men, and now all the new insights from today…

I’m a bit overwhelmed.

And a bit scared that these breakthroughs won’t stick because they are so many that I feel like I’m going to lose my grasp on them and what they mean in terms of how I live my life.

So that’s what writing is for, right?

Plus, I’m going to share them in public so that I’m accountable to more than just my inner voice.

To begin, on the heels of a breakdown and with the help of a dear friend, I realized that, unbeknownst to me, I have been operating with a belief that I and what I want don’t matter to other people.

So I’ve made it my purpose to make a difference in their lives to prove that wrong.

Unfortunately, this is not a very powerful place to come from… It can be effective, but in a forceful way instead of an authentically inspiring one. And, of course, that hole would never be filled.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to be this way. Just not powerful, and not what I want.

In my life, this can be seen in the way that I really try to make a difference in my friends’ lives by ‘coaching’ them.

Then they’ll see the value in me, right? So I do matter!

But really, underneath it all, what’s running that behavior is the belief that I don’t, and the way I try to bring that difference to them ensures that the reality match because my guidance is more about me needing to prove something that about them. They can somehow sense that, whether consciously or unconsciously.

In the moment, they are inspired by what I share. But when it comes to following through and actually taking the steps necessary for their actions to be in alignment with what they say they want… Let’s just say I end up disappointed, upset, angry, sad, frustrated, annoyed and sometimes even lonely.

And this is how I know my sharing as for me and not for them.

This is what points to the fact that I’ve been operating in my life as if what matters to me is to prove I’m good enough, important enough, in lieu of just being good enough because I declare it so.

This unconscious drive to prove myself right (that I don’t matter) has really gotten in the way of me communicating authentically and actually making a difference in their lives. It has had an impact on me, and on them.

So how do I let go?

The truth is that I don’t know whether I matter to people or not, but operating as if I don’t is not empowering. Perhaps it’s best to not assume either way. And really, it doesn’t matter because I am enough.

What is worth giving my ‘being right’ up for?

Connection. Real sharing.

What is important to me is that my life is about being fully self-expressed, and making a difference through my self-expression.

My life is NOT about proving that I matter.

I have no clue what this will look like in my life but I suppose me sharing this in my blog is part of it.

Other than that, how will it look like in my conversations with people?

I don’t know.

I realized that, yes, I can share myself authentically but I don’t yet know how to ask for what I want without being run by the ‘prove to me that I matter to you’ program.

I’m open to finding out as I practice.

What else?

Oh! This is also related to my style as a leader/coach.

How do I invite clients to take action in their lives and hold them accountable to their greatness from this new place?

My gut says it involves a lot more listening (even more than I do now), more questions around what is important to them and the impact these unconscious programs have in their lives, and much less advice-giving.

That feels good!

And a lot more balanced as it require more Presence (a Masculine principle attribute) while still being soft and receptive (Feminine principle trait).

My commitments:

  • To notice when the voice in my head starts throwing a tantrum about how I don’t matter based on what they did or said, and firmly declare I am enough.
  • To share myself fully and authentically, whether it is about something that inspires me or about my fears/insecurities/internal dialogue, and make myself clear to the recipient/s of which is which to avoid shaming them or making them wrong unintentionally.
  • To continue to operate from a place of what works for me and others, instead of from a place of wanting to be right and avoid responsibility.
  • To act in alignment with what matters to me, which is to be fully self-expressed and having that make a difference in others’ lives.
  • To not make myself wrong is I fall off the horse. Just get back on as many times as necessary.
  • To be open to new ways in which this new attitude can show up in my life.

So here it is, in writing, so I can refer back to it when I get lost.

I don’t know if this sharing makes a difference to you, but I hope it did. If so, I’d love to read how in the comments section.

And if not, thanks for reading.

Comment étiquette:
If you choose to add your voice to this post, I encourage you to share how it inspired you, or any insights/commitments you’ve come to in your life. It takes a lot of courage for me to take this risk to share this without taking into consideration what it might look like to you, and I appreciate everyone keeping advice to themselves. Thank you!

Starting Your Day… The Right Way!

I have a confession to make:

I absolutely love looking at myself in the mirror!

Is this a sign of vanity?


Honestly, though…. Who cares???

Over the past year, since I moved into my current bedroom, I have been admiring myself first thing in the morning every morning.

Well,… At least the mornings I sleep in my bedroom. Tee hee!

You see, I sleep naked, so it’s pretty hard to avoid seeing myself in my dresser’s beautiful round leveled mirror when I get up from bed. The dresser is directly in front of my bed, so it’s inevitable that I will catch a glimpse of myself.

I have to admit that it hasn’t always been a positive experience. There’s those days that I feel like a blob, but for the most part… I have learned to feel beautiful even in my blobness.

This has really become a beautiful ritual for me, a practice of loving myself up first thing in the morning.

Why not?

So, while in the past I looked at my reflection and found everything that was wrong with me, today I make it a practice to find new things to appreciate every day.

Today, I must say, I’m loving my rear view! It came to my attention that I really enjoy the way my small back flows into the indentation at my waist and flares out to my hips… And the full round soft heaviness of my butt.

Before, I would have looked at the same thing and seen my cellulite, the width of my hips would have been too big, and my butt too heavy. I would have found the difference between my waist and my hips to be way more pronounced that it should be.

But who sets those rules anyway??

I say trash them, and make up your own!

I’m so happy that these same things I would have found fault with before, are ones that I now absolutely adore!

So tell me,…

Jump in!

What are some things you do, or could do to appreciate yourself and your body as soon as you wake up? What are some learned rules about what is beautiful that you could do away with?

Feel free to be as detailed as you feel inspired to be.