Success Stories

After attending Melody’s “Shake It Off” and “Embodiment” workshops, not only was my personal way of relating to my physical, mental, and spiritual enhanced, but it motivated me to seek out entire aspects of the human condition that have supported my growth as a social worker deeply. Prior to working with Melody, I had been enamored with the mind and aspects of intelligence that caused me to completely disconnect from my body; I did not take care of it, and it did not take care of me. I feel so fortunate to have experientially learned with Melody’s guidance, that the body holds many of the keys to inner peace, whether for my self or my clients. 

Abbi K., New York, NY

Melody is a powerful intuitive healer. She knows how to lead me to be a listener of my own inner wisdom. I have gained self-confidence, love and compassion from our sessions . She provides a safe space to connect with myself , and a clear, intelligent guidance, which every time addresses exactly what I need. 

Since I started working with Melody, I have achieved one of my biggest projects, which was creating and successfully launching my own workshop. She is a versatile coach, who will support and help you find your way, no matter what your field is, or what your goal is during the sessions. In addition, our work together has provided me with fantastic practical tools that increased my productivity and my ability to face struggling circumstances with ease.

Mariel S., New York, NY

You are one of the best things that happened in my life. I’m grateful to God, the Universe or whatever for  you. I had a great session and honestly for the first time in my life something clicked. No questions, no ‘have to be smart,’ or rationalizing. Just clicked. I am grateful for that. I am working on listening to my body, and I’m starting to get that being sexy is more about how I feel about myself than it is about what I look like.

Ann O., Bronx, NY

I am feeling awesome. There has been a great release from our session. I feel empowered and also more vital. I have been attracting major attention, which is nice. And working through some real blockages. Thank you!

James R., New York, NY

I am happy that I found someone who makes me feel comfortable, adores every part of me and with who I am able to discuss my needs and his.  After feeling phobic and paralysed for so long, I can`t believe this happened to me.  I’m sure that you, and the other wonderful ladies who participated in the retreat, played a large part in propelling me forward and giving me courage to face these fears.  Oh yes, I even sunbathed and swam topless a few times in Spain!  A big thank you for your encouragement, and lots of love!

AM., Spain

Melody is a strong and powerful healer. Her compassion and ability to really listen allow her to provide a holistic program to meet your particular personal needs. And you will find the results you gain in the end, are far beyond the journey you initially thought you would take. She is a counselor with a mix of healing modalities and therapies and has a heart centered intuition and sensitivity that guides her wisdom. This woman knows how to hit the nail on the head, and is able to give you a more positive perspective on everyday stresses. With a simple suggestion, a hunch, an idea, she leads you to a world of new perspectives that transform your soul from the inside out, resulting in an obvious external and physical brightness. I know that we are not meant to be tired, carry emotional baggage, extra weight, hate our jobs, drag our feet, feel unworthy or stagnant. Living a life of vibrance and energy, happiness and truth is possible!

Erin L., New York, NY

Melody really came through when I had to make a life changing decision overnight. Her intuitive questioning helped me sift through the extraneous details and get to the real factors affecting my decision. She turned a seemingly impossible situation into a much more simple process through clear directions, objective questions, and intuitive anecdote.

Eric L., Shanghai, China

Melody has a way of gently eliciting emotions that you weren’t even aware existed and offering support and guidance through difficult transitions. Melody is unfailingly optimistic and always able to see things from varying, but objective, perspectives while simultaneously offering support and empathy.

A professional through and through, Melody has solid ethics and always acts in her clients best interests. A vast knowledge of health, nutrition, fitness and wellness make her a natural font of wonderful information that she imparts in the most user-friendly ways. Melody has a rare gift for making healthy and holistic living very desirable, attainable and realistic, even to those devoted to sweets (including me!).

My time with Melody has taught me many valuable life-lessons, opened doors I once believed to be forever shut, healed and replenished my spirit and encouraged renewed light and laughter. She is a source of comfort, joy and inspiration to those lucky enough to spend time with her. Melody was instrumental in supporting my growth and development as she has coached me through the biggest professional transition of my life; that from New York’s bustling Fashion Industry into the corporate Spa world.

I encourage all who meet her to embrace her with the passion and enthusiasm that I have and get back in return, that which so few individuals can truly give: humanity.

Lindsay N., Savannah, GA

I had the pleasure of working with Melody recently in a private consultation and I was immediately in a place of love and acceptance of who I was and what I had to say, so I felt very comfortable working with her. She had great ideas and insight on my situation, and worked with me to show me other perspectives and coping mechanisms to deal with what I was experiencing.  I am very grateful to her for her compassion and her time and I look forward to interacting again soon!

Tara H., PA