A Very Messy Post!

This one might me a tad convoluted.

Actually, scratch the “might.” And the “tad” too, while you’re at it.

This s a collection of ideas I’m playing with in my head. No concrete shape to this thing yet, so please bear with me and be gentle.

The idea that we have to fight life.

We hear this all the time: life is tough, it’s something we have to fight.

The universe is chaos, life is unfair.

Shit happens, and we have to pull ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep fighting.

That’s life.

Sound familiar? Have you been fighting life? (And have you realized the utter futility of it?)

On the other hand, there’s the idea of flowing with life.

Accepting the things we cannot change and changing the things we can, but always from a place of inclusiveness, love, generosity and appreciation.

Trusting ourselves and our intuition enough to follow the flow, without allowing fear (which will come up) to interrupt.*

*This doesn’t mean there will be no fear at all, merely that while we are aware of it, it doesn’t stop us. It’s saying “Hey, Fear! Thanks for showing up to take care of me. Yeah, this thing I’m doing is scary, but there’s no need to be paralyzed by it. We can hold hands and go through it together. Yes? Awesome!

The quiet strength and resilience of a peaceful warrior.

No ostentation or pretentiousness.

A knowing.

The clear presence of being, the silent power of openness to vulnerability, the entirely non-violent yet defiant stance that says,

I have a role to play here.

That sheer determination.

The accumulation of energy in our belly that rises into our heart and finally explodes into and out of our throat, waiting to be shared and spread around to anyone who is receptive.

The deep and boundless love this warrior itself is a result of.

This compassion that lies at the core of the fight and the surrender.

The idea that we don’t need to be violent or hard to be strong.

We can be like a river that rushes powerfully, bending to its environment and yet adapting the environment to its flow. A formless, yet strong stream of water that cannot be stopped.

Also, the idea that we can stand up for what we believe in, without becoming aggressive, defensive or falling prey to our ego’s reactions.

The feeling of movement within stillness, and stillness within movement.

The quiet current of electricity under our skin when we feel passionate about what’s important to us.

The grounding into purpose and the physical strength of our body, while also rising up to the challenge and reaching for the stars with commitment.

The certainty that change begins with us, that we must be the change we want to see in the world.

Even in the face of all those who tell us we shouldn’t, that we will get hurt, that the world doesn’t operate that way. That the universe won’t support us in our path.

And the knowledge and acceptance of a necessity to take the first step along with all those risks.

Jumping into the pool of uncertainty headfirst, trusting openly that not only will it work out but it’s exactly where you are supposed to be.

Someone has to start and make it easier for those who will follow.

The moment we accept our mission and let go of control over it. That time when all the doubts become part of the background noise, unimportant, because we finally understand what piece we play in this big puzzle.

Having the strength and courage to take responsibility for the health and balance of the people and the world around us.

There’s a power in our bodies that, when it’s freed up, is unstoppable.

It comes with a rush of energy meant to accomplish a very specific mission.

Your mission.

Your baby, or, as Havi says, your tiny sweet thing.

My work is at the intersection of these seemingly opposite forces embodied in the peaceful warrior.

It’s about unleashing this force in you, so that you can do what you came here to do.

I’ve been trying to find a way to explain the work I do around sensuality (the kind that gets you into your senses and sensations), movement, and grounding into the body.

These very unorganized thoughts are an attempt (and a preview) at doing that.

Some stuff that’s floating in my head lately. Or rather, these are more like sensations in my body, which I’m trying to translate into words.

Not the easiest task in the world, but I hope you got my meaning.

If not, try closing your eyes and feeling these sensations in your body yourself.

Your shoulders slipping back and down. Your heart opening and reaching upwards. Your feet planted firmly on the floor. How does that feel?

I’d love to know your reaction. Or if you have any questions. Or opinions.

All welcome!

6 thoughts on “A Very Messy Post!

  1. you know, it’s funny – this all makes perfect sense to me.

    At least to me, you’re talking about Vocation – that This Is Why I Am Here At This Moment true calling

    and about feeling that physically in the body.

    and to me (energy worker, artist, hypnotist and person who’s done more then a little bodywork – Feldenkrais, Alexander and Craniosacral) it all makes sense…

    In fact, I think it’s rather eloquent.

    Be Well!



  2. Well, sounds like a workshop at The Sanctuary for you girl. So if you want to create Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation (that’s where I come in) and incorporate the unleashing of the power within…..go for it!

    Definitely, Sanctuary material!


  3. Thanks for your comments, wonderful people!

    @ Andy – Thanks for your insights! I’m happy to see that there are people out there who are already familiar with this.
    Regarding the messiness, it’s not the concept that’s convoluted, but my post. These were just ideas revolving around Vocation, but mostly what I wanted to represent was being in touch with that quiet power that we all have inside. It’s what keeps us sure, strong, and focused.

    @ Dee – You know it! I’d love to plan something like that. Soon!


  4. This:

    “There’s a power in our bodies that, when it’s freed up, is unstoppable.”

    For some reason, this just strikes me at the core. Makes me want to move. It’ll be on my mind all day. Thank you.


    • Hey, Tori!

      Thanks for stopping by to leave your nugget.

      You make an excellent point about the core.. That’s where it is, isn’t it? We forget we have this power that is in our core. We forget that, if we close our eyes, quiet our minds, and focus.. We can feel it there, physically, in our bodies.

      And yes, it very much wants to make us move! That’s it’s purpose, after all.

      Keeping our focus on this could be something like the monster antidote (no offense, monsters! We still love you!).


  5. “There’s a power in our bodies that, when it’s freed up, is unstoppable.”


    For so long I was blocking my body from expressing its power. I dulled it with so-called “foods”, with negative thinking, with worrying, with anxiety…

    Now that I don’t do that anymore, by body is seriously amazing in so many ways. It’s like I have a brand new body actually. And I had that old body for so long that I had almost forgotten that it could be awesome, powerful, and amazing.

    Now that it is, it’s like a miracle and every day I’m in awe of how cool it is. Thanks for summing up the experience in such an easy-to-recognize truth. xoxo


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